How Efficient Label Production Saves Your Company Money

Digital printing services and expedited label production offer vital lifelines for your company. When you need labels quickly and efficiently, a label printing company helps your production runs perform better while improving your time to market. 

You might think these services cost you more money. However, it’s important to think of the money you actually save by having efficient label production through digital printing services. Label Solutions explains how this happens in today’s blog. 

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Improves Time to Market

Time to market matters when it comes to your products. Delays cost you money because you need to spend more on labor to deal with the delays. An efficient label printer using high-quality digital printing services alleviates one aspect of your time-to-market capabilities since everything is done on computers before prototyping happens.

Reduces Possible Fines

An efficient label printer should also understand what it takes to make your labels compliant with regulations. For example, compressed gas cylinder labels must follow hazardous materials regulations for shipping, storage, and handling. If your labels fall off, become worn, or don’t show the correct information, you face government fines. Then you have to spend even more labor costs correcting the problem that never should have happened in the first place.

You Get What You Pay For

Always remember the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” If you pay for cheap labels from a printer, that’s what you’ll get. Digital printing services certainly do make label printing more affordable and more efficient. But selecting the lowest price may lead to choosing the wrong materials for your products. Can the lowest-price labels you pick withstand low temperatures, high temperatures, shipping and handling, the weather, and chemicals? 

You need to know what your product labels are meant for. One-time use products from companies that don’t care if the label stays on after purchase could probably afford low-cost labels. 

However, certain industries need both efficiency and durability for label production. These industries include:

  • Petroleum
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • CBD
  • Hazmat
  • Compressed Gas
  • Industrial

Lowers Your Labor and Printing Costs

You might think you can print your own labels in-house. You already have a color laser printer. All of the best word processing programs have label templates, and you can purchase label sheets from an office supply store or online. 

But printing labels efficiently takes away from your core business model. Do you want to repurpose valuable staff time every month for label printing? Not only that, if you need a label run of 5,000, can your laser printer withstand that wear and tear? Do the labels you print stand up to your fast production line, shipping, and handling? 

Efficient label production from your chosen vendor means you get top-quality labels created by experts in the field. Our devices are designed for fast, high-volume runs. We have dedicated graphic artists who can bring your brand to life on your labels. Rather than pay someone to do an average job, an efficient label printing service has an entire staff at your disposal.


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Custom Labels by Label Solutions

Label Solutions provides all sorts of labels for your company. We make labels for small, medium, and large runs for a wide range of products. Contact Label Solutions online or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 for more details on our high-efficiency digital printing services.

Why Use Clean Peel Industrial Labels for Hazardous Chemicals?

Hazardous materials must meet specific labeling requirements for both storage and shipping. As such, you need the right kind of labels on your hazmat containers to ensure the label stands out, provides pertinent and easy-to-see information, and withstands all kinds of heavy-duty conditions. Today’s blog from Label Solutions explains why you should use our Clean Peel industrial labels for hazardous chemicals.

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A Container’s Contents May Change

Containers for hazardous materials are reusable in many instances, such as those for petroleum, compressed gas, and waste materials. The contents of the containers may change over a lifetime of use. Clean Peel industrial labels don’t leave behind a sticky residue when you peel them off. Rather than put a new label on top of the old one, simply peel off the old one and replace it in seconds.

Mistaken Identity

What if you have an old label underneath a new one, but the new one wears off? The old label may have the wrong date, materials, or warning instructions on it. A case of mistaken identity for what hazardous material is inside the container creates a disaster waiting to happen. Clean Peel industrial labels prevent this problem from happening.

Sticky Residue Creates Build-Up

Peeling off traditional labels creates a sticky build-up. Once you peel off a sticker and leave the spot blank, over time a sticky mess of dirt, grease, dust, and grime will build up on the spot where the sticker was. Now you’ll have to clean that gunk off before you re-use the hazmat container.  Clean Peel industrial labels by Label Solutions keep your containers cleaner over time. No special washing required. 

Plus, if something builds up on the outside that’s flammable (like oil or gasoline), that creates a whole new set of problems for your hazardous waste handling.

Lot Codes

Reusable hazardous materials containers often come in lots. For example, one label says it’s “Canister 11 out of 35” in a particular shipment, and the lot code and barcode match that number. What if the lot codes change when you refill the containers? The materials may be the same as they were before, but the lot codes are different because you’re shipping these containers to a different customer. Clean Peel by Label Solutions makes it easy to change lot codes on your containers.

Empty Cylinders

Once a compressed gas cylinder is empty, it no longer contains the hazardous material. Easily remove the Clean Peel industrial label to show the container is inert. There should be no question whether your old CGC still has material in it.

Reduces Labor Costs

Clean Peel industrial labels come off in mere seconds. There’s no endless peeling or tiny bits of paper that take forever to get off. Nor do you need acetone to remove the sticky residue from your container. Simply peel the label off and put another one on in seconds. You save on labor costs over time. 

Hypothetical Scenario 

Let’s say you need to remove labels on 120 compressed gas cylinders containing medical oxygen. You’ve got high demand for these containers due to increased needs at hospitals all over the world. 

If it takes 30 seconds to remove each industrial label and put a new one on, changing 120 labels will take one hour. If your employee earns $30 per hour, you will spend $30 to pay that employee for this task. Performing the task every week will cost roughly $1,500 per year.

Suppose other labels take 90 seconds to remove. For 120 labels, that’s $90 spent on labor for the task. Performing the task every week will cost roughly $4,500 per year — substantially more for labels that come off in 90 seconds versus 30 seconds. 

How could that $3,000 benefit your company? Investing in a new machine? New computer software? Advertising and marketing? Profits?

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Clean Peel Industrial Labels by Label Solutions

This is just a hypothetical situation. Your actual results may vary, but you see the point. Clean Peel industrial labels can save your company time, effort, money, and resources. Contact Label Solutions or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 for more info on our Clean Peel industrial labels.

Hemp Labels for Medical Marijuana: What You Need to Know

As of October 2020, 33 states in the United States (plus Washington, D.C.) have legalized the use of marijuana and cannabis products for medical use. Ten states allow recreational use of marijuana. In this burgeoning industry, accurate hemp labels for CBD products are crucial. Label Solutions explains what you need to know.

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Laws Vary by State

The first thing you need to know is that medical marijuana laws vary by state. If you’re a CBD distributor, a label that works for Missouri may not work for Michigan. Generic labels that comply with all states’ laws have little information on them. This plan may not be a good investment in your money for beautiful hemp labels that catch someone’s attention.

Type of Container 

How you package your medical marijuana determines the type of hemp label you need. Two popular container choices are vacuum-sealed bags and prescription bottles similar to canisters. Both containers are disposable, but you have more options when it comes to bottles. Bags require labels that won’t come off with lots of movement. You’ll want labels that resist oil because hemp oil is a common CBD product. If someone in your store handles CBD oil and gets some on their hands, it could get on other product labels. Better to be safe than sorry when you have oil as a product on the shelf.


Ten states allow for the sale of recreational marijuana. Regulatory compliance for labeling on recreational marijuana is different than what’s required for medical marijuana labeling. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy medical marijuana in those states. Therefore, CBD labels differ. Prescription labels must include a doctor’s instructions and dosing information in many instances.


Warnings on CBD products vary by state. For example, Oklahoma mandates that all medical marijuana product labels state, “This product has been tested for contaminants.” Other states warn to keep the products away from kids or pets. Most warning labels say pregnant or nursing women shouldn’t use medical marijuana at all.

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Hemp and CBD Labels From Label Solutions

Have questions about hemp or CBD labels? Talk to the team at Label Solutions and we’ll help you design custom medical marijuana labels for your products. Contact us or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 for more info.

Why Are White and Clear BOPP Labels So Popular With CPGs?

White and clear BOPP labels are one of our most durable and popular products for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Biaxially oriented polypropylene is a low-cost material used not only in labels but also in shrink wrap for food packaging. In today’s blog from Label Solutions, we examine why white and clear BOPP labels are so popular with CPGs.

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The “No Label” Look

Many CPG brands rely on visual presentations to make their products more appealing to consumers. Clear BOPP labels provide a “no label” look for brands when visual appeal is a must. Think of candies, cookies, meats, prepared salads, and fresh fruits. Much like consumers look at photos on restaurant menus to order food, the same is true for CPGs. They want to see that the fruit is ripe, the vegetables are crisp, and the cookies have lots of chocolate chips. Items that have a distinct color also benefit from clear BOPP because those colors will stand out among other products on the shelf.


White and clear BOPP labels are flat, which means they conform well to containers. This is particularly true for items that aren’t necessarily uniform in shape, such as fresh meats, or unusually shaped packages such as spheres. White and clear BOPP labels can fit on just about any product package you can imagine.

Oil & Water Resistance

Both white and clear BOPP labels offer oil and water resistance. Salad dressings, juices, packaged fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, honey, and personal care items that go in the bathroom all benefit from having BOPP labels. Items that go in the garage, such as paints, motor oil, and grease, are also great candidates for these labels.

Low Toxicity

The low toxicity of white and clear BOPP labels make them ideal for CPG brands with regard to food. Polypropylene is a sturdy material that doesn’t seep into other items or onto people’s hands. BOPP is made from FDA-approved resins, so it’s safe to use on CPGs. 

Superior Strength

BOPP is made by mechanically stretching a clear film in the machine direction and the transverse direction (hence the name, “biaxially oriented”). This process creates a stronger product compared to cellophane or similar materials. The manufacturing process also allows for cheaper materials costs.  

Low Costs

Items made of BOPP have been around since at least the early 1980s. Because of nearly 40 years of investment by large companies in this substance, white and clear BOPP labels are an industry standard that can lower your costs as a CPG brand. Combine the low cost of BOPP with a professional labeling company, and your products receive a boost when vying for attention on store shelves in the highly competitive CPG space.

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White and Clear BOPP Labels From Label Solutions 

Label Solutions is one of the top producers of product labels in the country. We serve many industries with custom labels that look great, comply with regulations, and improve your time to market. Contact Label Solutions today or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 for more details on our white and clear BOPP labels.

WBENC Certifies Label Solutions Inc. as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

Label Solutions Inc., one of North America’s leading producers of durable product labels for the manufacturing industry, is proud to announce certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). With this certification, Label Solutions adds the distinction of becoming one of the printing industry’s few women-owned businesses in the United States. This certification also enhances their long-standing reputation as specializing in both regulatory compliant and high-quality prime product labels for some of the country’s top brands.

The company’s president, Karen Stevens, is excited about the new certification, but recognizes the importance of continuing to deliver exceptional product labels for manufacturers and their private label customers.

“Earning our WBE certification is an exciting opportunity,” stated Stevens. “As a small business located in Southwest Missouri, this will help us offer even better competitive pricing when bidding on projects against our largest competitors. What’s more, our WBE certification will help several of our largest Fortune 500 accounts achieve their own corporate initiatives.”

Label Solutions was certified by the Women's Business Development Center-Midwest, a Chicago based regional partner organization of the Women’s Enterprise National Council (WBENC), utilizing WBENC’s national standard of certification. The process is meticulous and includes an in-depth review of the business to confirm it is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by women.


Label Solutions Inc (video)  is a commercial label converter that produces durable pressure-sensitive product labels for some of the top industrial manufacturers and retail brands in North America. Located in Missouri, they specialize in digital printing, flexography, and wide-format solutions which gives them the ability to adapt to their client’s time-sensitive needs, product development, and ongoing label changes. Label Solutions now offers a new cloud-based technology that gives their customers a faster way to expedite artwork approval revisions more efficiently from multiple locations around the world.