A Brief History of Label Printing

Posted on: Aug, 20, 2019

What Is Label Printing? A Brief History Everything you buy as a consumer comes with a label. Whether it has instructions on how to use a product, nutrition information, or just a design to catch the consumer’s attention, each label has its own unique role in the product. With such a large number of products […]

What Makes a Poorly Constructed Label?

Posted on: Aug, 20, 2019

Label Solutions - Common Problems with*** Non-Compliant Label Providers Whether it’s oil or gas, production facilities thrive on being safe and efficient. The equipment and products in these facilities need durable and compliant labels that withstand extreme conditions. When production sites use labels that are poorly constructed, you begin to see problems. Today, Label Solutions […]

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Label Solutions Explains More About Regulatory Compliance

Posted on: Aug, 2, 2019

Regulatory Compliance: The Governing Bodies Explained You might know that DOT stands for the U.S. Department of Transportation, and you might even know that CGA stands for the Compressed Gas Association. But there are other regulatory compliant terms and governing agencies that you should know, and Label Solutions is here to help. In today’s blog, […]

Shot of labels manufacturing on flexo printing machine

Label Solutions Explains What Makes a Great Label

Posted on: Jul, 26, 2019

Whether it provides nutrition facts or reveals crucial health and safety information, each product label serves a distinct purpose. A good label strikes a balance between eye-catching design and practical information, ensuring that consumers engage with the product. Read today’s blog from Label Solutions Inc to learn more about what makes a great label.  Appearance […]

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How Do Compliant and Non-Compliant Labels Differ?

Posted on: Jul, 19, 2019

Differences Between Compliant and Non-Compliant Label Providers Regulatory compliance usually involves the information printed on a product label, not the quality or construction of the label itself. However, if the label is of poor quality and fails or falls off, then it becomes a matter of compliance and could result in a costly fine. Non-compliant […]