Carbon dioxide label

When Price Should Not Be Procurement’s Primary Consideration…

Posted on: Nov, 26, 2019

In October I attended Gasworld’s North American Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana. The small conference was packed with a high percentage of decision-makers in the compressed gas industry from around the world. It was an impressive gathering, and the topics discussed were very informative. I had the opportunity to meet quite a […]

Waterproof icon set

Products That Use Waterproof Labels

Posted on: Nov, 21, 2019

Durable waterproof labels keep your products safe from water damage, whether it’s rain, snow, condensation, or a spilled beverage. From small bottles to large packages, there are many products that feature high-quality labels designed to withstand wet conditions. Today, Labels Solutions explains why waterproof labels are important, and we identify some common products that utilize […]

How to Choose the Right Kind of Label for Your Project

Posted on: Nov, 14, 2019

Labeling is an aspect of branding and a method of product identification. At first, choosing the right label for your project can be difficult. There are many types of labels available that vary in size, shape, function, and color. There are also many factors to consider before you begin, and the expert team at Label […]

US DOT class 2 gases warning labels

When You Might Need DOT Compliant Labels

Posted on: Nov, 12, 2019

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has certain labeling requirements for businesses and drivers who transport hazardous materials. These requirements help ensure the safety of everyone involved, from the manufacturer to the driver to the receiver. Today, Label Solutions explains more about D.O.T. labels, when you might need them, and why they are important. What […]

Brand Identity Product Layout

The Importance of Brand Identity Design for Your Product Label

Posted on: Nov, 8, 2019

Whether you sell soft drinks or cleaning products, brand identity is a critical part of your product label design. You may have the most advanced and high-quality product on the shelf, but if your branding is forgettable, you won’t build the type of loyal customer base your product deserves. You need product branding that stays […]