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Did You Enjoy IWDC This Year? Label Solutions Recaps the Trade Show

Posted on: Jul, 22, 2021

Did you see Label Solutions at IWDC 2021 this year? Kathy and Amanda met a lot of you at Booth 34 (right in between John Tillman and Sonoco). Label Solutions recaps the 2021 version of the IWDC Sales and Purchasing show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas at this magic-themed convention. Opening Reception The […]

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Get the Right Labels to Show Off Your Tea Products

Posted on: Jul, 5, 2021

Having the right type of packaging and labels for your packaged tea product is vital for success. But what are some of the essential elements of tea labels? Here are several you should consider carefully as you design your labels for production. Versatile sizes Whether you prefer wrap-around labels for tins, large rectangular labels covering […]

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Label Solutions Is Heading to the World Tea Expo! See Us There!

Posted on: Jun, 21, 2021

The team here at Label Solutions is proud to announce that we are attending North America’s most extraordinary gathering of the specialty tea industry: The World Tea Conference & Expo! Scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on June 28th-30th, we’ll join other professionals to explore the latest tea trends, distribution channels, and fresh ideas […]

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What Happens If Dirt Gets on Your Adhesive Labels Before Shipping Your Products?

Posted on: Jun, 1, 2021

Dirt can find its way onto your adhesive labels in many different ways: through direct contact with fingers, a dirty storage environment, or by adhering to packaging materials that are coated in dirt.  Regardless of how the dirt comes into contact with adhesive labels, the result is never good. It’s very difficult (if not impossible) […]

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How to Fix Common Problems With Your Adhesive Label Applicator

Posted on: May, 14, 2021

Excessive downtime spent troubleshooting production issues can cut into your profit and hinder your productivity. To help you get back up and running faster, here are some of the most common problems companies face with adhesive label applicators, and most importantly, how to solve them. Problem #1: The label material has excessive die strikes. Die […]