Custom Label FAQs

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Label Solutions produces custom labels for a wide variety of companies and industries, from compressed gas and industrial to nutraceuticals and consumer packaged goods.

Our label production team answers several frequently asked questions about custom labels.

What is a custom label?

Custom labels ensure your target audience can easily identify aspects of your packaging that are unique to your brand.

What information is on a custom label?

You can put whatever information you want on a custom label, including:

  • QR codes to scan a product for more information
  • Company branding and logo
  • Where consumers can go for more details

What you put on a custom label can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Information required by regulatory agencies, particularly for food, beverage, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and safety information
  • Size of the label
  • Size of the container
  • Visual elements of the product and the label

What goes into a custom label design?

When you need custom labels for your products, the process follows several steps:

  1. Conversation. It all starts with a conversation between your team and your chosen custom label provider. Both sides will ask questions and seek answers. From there, we decide on the next steps for creating fantastic labels you can be proud of.
  2. Diving into specifications. What are the specs of your products? What sizes of labels do you want? What information do you want on labels? Does your industry face regulations on what must go on labels?
  3. Design. Your chosen custom label provider collaborates with your team to design a great-looking label. Here, you will get to approve the artwork remotely with the assistance of your team and your provider’s team.
  4. Prototyping. You’ll get a trial run to make sure the labels meet your requirements.
  5. Full production run. Once you’re satisfied, the label provider completes a full production run and ships you the labels.

What will I get with my custom label design?

You get more than just a full production run of labels that work for your clients.

You will also receive:

Great-looking labels that edify your brand and make your products stand out from others on store shelves.

Assistance with artwork. The best label providers have an in-house graphic design team to help you create fantastic label designs.

A timeline for success. Your provider will outline what should happen and when. Rush jobs are available.

Customer service. Let’s say you need labels at some future point. You’re already in our computer system, and we can help you faster if you’re an established customer with us. Just contact Label Solutions and we’ll assist you.

A team at your back. Label Solutions brings all of our expertise to bear for your custom labels. Let us know what we can do for you!

Why should I hire a custom label producer?

Custom label producers like Label Solutions have the expertise and industry knowledge to handle the design and printing for your custom label requirements. 

We’ll help you achieve a time to market for your products as demand increases. Our team will also work with your art department to create labels you can be proud of.  Contact us or call 1-800-299-9200 for more information on partnering with our team.