Gas Cylinder Labels

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Tags on a Roll®

TagsOnARollWith two sizes available, you can easily label indoor and outdoor welding, compressed gas and medical applications such as medical oxygen tanks. Our patented gas cylinder labels are perfect for fast, easy applications to help you save time and money.

  • Specially designed hole sizes with retention slots to speed application and ensure a tight, effective fit.
  • Large tag conveniently applies directly over cylinder cap.
  • Perforated and supplied in roll form for easy storage and handling.
  • Proprietary plasticized material is formulated for indoor and outdoor use for all welding, compressed gas and medical applications.
  • Available with perforations
  • Automotive grade inks ensure long life, UV resistance and attractive inprint.
Description Small Tag Large Tag
Tag Size 2.0" × 4.875" 5.0" × 9.0"
Hole Size .810" ID (1.25"
max. slotted ID)
2.925" ID (3.85"
max. slotted ID)
Material Proprietary High Density Proprietary High Density
Application Medical Post Valves Industrial Cylinder Caps
Perforation Available Yes Yes
Personalization Yes Yes
Colors Any Standard Any Standard
Quantity per Roll 250 500
Exterior Usage Yes Yes
Meets Regulatory ID Requirements No No

Shoulder and Sidewall Labels

Shoulder labels are applied to the top-curved section of the cylinders and side wall labels are applied to the sides of the cylinders. All of our shoulder and sidewall labels:

  • Meet DOT and FDA regulatory requirements using CGA_C7 verbiage
  • Are made with a low temperature adhesive and durable materials to be secure for all weather conditions
  • Include Automotive-grade ink and special coating for extended life


Our extensive experience in the industrial specialty and medical gas industries alerted us to a need for compressed gas cylinder labels that could be quickly removed without leaving any adhesive residue on the cylinder. Clean-Peel™ adhesive to the rescue.

After four years of testing we developed this extraordinary label adhesive that is easy to remove and leaves no sticky residue behind. It is excellent for lot codes and keeps cylinders looking sharp. You can also change gas cylinder labels in seconds and reduce application costs. Perfect for medical oxygen tanks when you need to refill them with compressed gas on a regular basis while keeping accurate records.


CryobandLabel Solutions is the originator of the patented Cryoband® series. This industry breakthrough of 360-degree specialty compressed gas cylinders labels can be customized to feature your company name and logo on each gas cylinder label.

The Cryoband II™ features a more durable laminated stock that is abrasion resistant and has a Clean-Peel™ adhesive that allows the label to be removed easily, without any glue or grime left behind. This premium product stays securely on your cylinder, resisting peeling or cracking, and is designed to last for years. Clearly marked verbiage showcases exactly what compressed gas is inside, such as nitrogen, argon, medical oxygen, and more.

Bug Guard - Cylinder Cap Protection

  • Prevents bees, wasps, spiders, and other insects from nesting inside the cylinder cap
  • Reduces health risks for employees who are allergic to bug stings and bites
  • Breathable material blows gas to safely escape from valve and cap
  • Designed for fast application and removal, available in pull-tab variations
  • Specifically designed fro indoor/outdoor storage areas and flatbed deliveries
  • Aggressive adhesive solutions durable enough to withstand most weather conditions: heat, rain, ice and wind
  • Also known in the industry as the "Bee-Plug", the LSI Cylinder Cap Bug Guard is now available to order at Label Solutions, Inc.
  • Available in 2.25" and 3" diameter sizes, and custom designs

Contact Us for Cylinder Labels

Label Solutions is America’s largest supplier of gas cylinder labels and we are committed to producing them in the highest quality. We can expedite orders for any labels, especially if your firm needs labels for medical oxygen tanks that are critical for healthcare agencies responding to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. If you have artwork you would like us to use or you want to request a quote for a gas cylinder label, contact us today. Browse our website for more information and check out our other products.