When Price Should Not Be Procurement’s Primary Consideration…

In October I attended Gasworld’s North American Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana. The small conference was packed with a high percentage of decision-makers in the compressed gas industry from around the world. It was an impressive gathering, and the topics discussed were very informative.

I had the opportunity to meet quite a few executives during the event. One of which was reporter, Paul Ericksen, from IndustryWeek.com. We spoke about a number of topics relating to the compressed gas industry. 

Paul recently published his article, “More Boeing Hypocrisy—and Suppliers Will Feel the Fallout”, published on IndustryWeek.com on November 22, 2019. Paul took the time to understand what manufacturers go through when managing their regulatory compliant product labels, orders, and delivery times. Below is an excerpt from Mr. Ericksen’s article:


…You may be familiar with labels and barcoding as used in factories and everyday commerce. In the CO2 industry, however, product and process identification take on a significantly higher role.  Why? The extremely low storage temperatures involved make this a dangerous industry for anyone involved in distribution. In fact, there are extreme standards and regulations relative to CO2 distribution overseen by OSHA and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Additionally, there is an important difference between CO2 labeling and labels used in everyday commerce. Specifically, equipment used in product CO2 storage and distribution have long lives. As a result of this—as opposed to labels as they are typically used in factories—decals in distribution are subjected to significant, almost unending, material handling, throughout the supply chain; i.e. they are used as a form of “returnable container.” For this reason, the decals applied to these products must be robust. This implies being resistant to extreme fluctuations in temperature, being waterproof, having the ability to avoid condensation flux, fading and/or the loss of adhesion.                                                                                                             

Why? In addition to safety and identification issues, the gas industry is highly regulated, meaning that should OSHA or DOT find a lack of—or damaged—decal, there can be significant fines. Because of this, it makes a lot of sense for a distributor of CO2 (or other gas) to put a high emphasis on the decals they use. In other words, price should not be the primary consideration when distributors source their decals. Click here to read the original article.

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Products That Use Waterproof Labels

Durable waterproof labels keep your products safe from water damage, whether it’s rain, snow, condensation, or a spilled beverage. From small bottles to large packages, there are many products that feature high-quality labels designed to withstand wet conditions. Today, Labels Solutions explains why waterproof labels are important, and we identify some common products that utilize them.

The Importance of Waterproof Labels

Waterproof labels need to stay in place on the product, and the product description needs to remain legible. Poorly made labels can chip, peel, or crack when they are exposed to weather and water elements. If your customers receive a mislabeled item, or if the description is illegible, it could result in serious consequences. Our team has experience in producing labels that withstand harsh environments, and we make sure your products meet regulatory requirements.

Containers, bottles, and other products come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you need a standard label size or a flexible waterproof film to fit an oddly-shaped container, Label Solutions can help.

Shampoo Bottles Use Waterproof Labels

Bathroom products are constantly exposed to moisture from sinks and showers. They need durable, waterproof films to maintain their product descriptions. Whether it is a hand pump for liquid soap or a bottle of shampoo, labels that resist water will help customers keep their bathrooms organized. If the label fades or peels, they are likely to buy another product next time.

Foods and Beverages Use Waterproof Labels

Craft breweries and distilleries sell bottled beverages that require waterproof labels. A white polypropylene film can withstand tough conditions and is great for food and beverage products. At Label Solutions, our innovative technology produces a durable, high-quality label that can endure the wet environment of canning and bottling.

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Other Products That Use Waterproof Labels

It is often necessary for businesses that manufacture or distribute chemicals or medical products to use waterproof labels. Other businesses require waterproof labels for cars, trucks, and boats that are exposed to the elements. There are many products that use waterproof labels, including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Car decals
  • Boats
  • Buoys
  • Industrial machinery

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Your Solution for Waterproof Product Labeling

At Label Solutions, we offer advanced testing services to ensure that our customers’ labels are accurate and waterproof for any application. For exceptional print quality, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service, choose Label Solutions. Give us a call today! We are excited to work with you. Call 1.800.299.9200.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Label for Your Project

Labeling is an aspect of branding and a method of product identification. At first, choosing the right label for your project can be difficult. There are many types of labels available that vary in size, shape, function, and color. There are also many factors to consider before you begin, and the expert team at Label Solutions is here to help. Today, learn how to choose the right type of label for your project.

What Are Some Different Types of Labels?

We want you to be familiar with the different types of labels so you can make the best decision. A label may be classified as a brand label, a descriptive label, an informative label, or a grade label. Not only do product labels identify the brand, but they also provide important details such as ingredients, nutrition information, shelf-life, and safe handling practices.

Additionally, not all labels are standard square-cut and one-sided. Some unique types of labels include:

  • Reseal labels
  • Dry peel labels
  • Fold-out labels
  • Specialty die-cut labels
  • Prime labels
  • Shrink sleeve labels
  • Pressure-sensitive labels

Consider Your Label Size and Shape

The size and shape of your label will vary depending on your preferences, your product, and your target market. Before you select a label size, consider how much information you want the label to include. How you would like your product to be displayed is up to you. These days, the most common labels used are rectangular shaped with square or rounded corners. When they are paired with the right material, these rectangular labels can be used for many applications, such as beverage bottles, shipping boxes, and more.

At Label Solutions, our digital printing capabilities will give you plenty of options to work with, whether you need a standard label size or a large decal. If your project involves color or coding, we can help. Our graphic design team can create a completely new label design or you can submit your artwork and we will start with your existing portfolio.      

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Consider Regulatory Requirements

Next, be aware of any rules and regulations for your products about labeling. For example, there are nutritional labeling regulations for food manufacturers. Tobacco companies are required to include health warnings on cigarette packages. So, when choosing labels for your project, account for enough space to include statutory warnings, nutrition facts, and any other regulations required by your industry. 

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When You Might Need DOT Compliant Labels

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has certain labeling requirements for businesses and drivers who transport hazardous materials. These requirements help ensure the safety of everyone involved, from the manufacturer to the driver to the receiver. Today, Label Solutions explains more about D.O.T. labels, when you might need them, and why they are important.

What Are DOT Labels?

Nobody wants a surprise, especially if it involves hazardous materials. D.O.T. hazmat labels give you forewarning of the hazards that are contained inside each package. The labels are diamond-shaped, color-matched, and have pictograms of the hazard and the class that the material belongs in. They also include special handling instructions. Some examples are “flammable gas” labels, “explosive” labels, and “poison” labels, which are all required to meet certain label design specifications.     

When You Might Need DOT Labels

D.O.T. labels must also be durable and weather-resistant since they are exposed to harsh outdoor conditions during transportation. Here is when you might need D.O.T. labels: 

You Are Shipping Hazardous Materials

Safety is the highest priority in the shipping and receiving industries. If you are shipping a package that includes hazardous materials, you will need to comply with D.O.T. label regulations. When labeling a package for hazmat, apply labels for both the primary and subsidiary hazard.

The D.O.T. labels can help you communicate hazards to your employees before the item ships, so they know what they are handling before it gets placed on a truck. This is just one example of how D.O.T. labels identify hazards and make shipping a safer process at every point of transit.

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You Are Transporting Hazardous Materials Over the Road

Whether you are dispatcher, or you have your own company drivers, everyone who is involved should understand D.O.T. requirements. Sometimes carriers need to place hazmat in specific locations on a vehicle, and D.O.T. labels help clarify the separation. 

Placing D.O.T. labels on hazardous materials will ensure your products arrive safely at their destination without hefty fines or rejections. If you are scheduling the transportation of hazardous materials, D.O.T. labels can prevent delays and keep your drivers safe on the road.

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Label Solutions offers in-house regulatory compliance services relating to DOT, OSHA, and other governing bodies. Our proactive communication, precise knowledge, and attention to detail enable us to help our customers stay in compliance. We encourage you to continue browsing our website or contact a label expert today to learn more!

The Importance of Brand Identity Design for Your Product Label

Whether you sell soft drinks or cleaning products, brand identity is a critical part of your product label design. You may have the most advanced and high-quality product on the shelf, but if your branding is forgettable, you won’t build the type of loyal customer base your product deserves.

You need product branding that stays on your customers’ minds if you want to profit from the excellent quality of your products. This is where Label Solutions can help. Read today’s blog to learn about the importance of brand identity design for your product label.

Brand Identity Gives Your Product a Purpose

The purpose of your product must come through in your product packaging and brand identity, whether you sell fine wine or child-safe shampoo. Labels can make an overt statement of purpose, for example, “Mom’s Choice for No-Tears Baby Shampoo.” Or they can create a subtle indication of luxury and natural quality, such as a beautifully designed wine label utilizing recycled materials.

Clearly defining your product’s purpose helps customers to feel certain about the benefits of your product and the role it will play in their lives. When your brand identity consistently asserts a clear and valuable purpose, customers feel they can count on your products to fulfill their needs.

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Brand Identity Creates a Memory

The right brand identity will create a memory that engages the customer on an emotional and practical level. That memory will be different for each customer. Some may remember your product from their childhood. Some may remember your product from their grandma’s kitchen cupboard. Some may simply remember your product from their last visit to the grocery store.

The key is to create a brand identity that is unique and engaging. Whatever the individual experience of the customer might be, your brand will be associated with their specific, personal memories.

Brand Identity Builds Trust

Cohesive and consistent brand identity is the cornerstone of consumer trust. You can invest heavily in operations and production while providing the best world-class customer service. However, if you have an inconsistent product label design and forgettable brand identity, you will never build the customer trust your product deserves. Label Solutions is proud to offer an experienced, in-house design team to help you maintain consistent brand identity across your whole product line for decades to come. We are dedicated to long-lasting partnerships with each and every client we serve.

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Build Your Brand With Label Solutions

If you’re ready to build your brand and ensure consistent and cohesive product label design across your entire product line, Label Solutions can assist you. Our experienced in-house team handles every step of the process, from the first custom label design to the last shipment arriving at your doorstep. We’re proud of the excellent service we provide to every client. Reach out to the Label Solutions team to start building your brand!