Label Solutions Explains What Makes a Great Label

Whether it provides nutrition facts or reveals crucial health and safety information, each product label serves a distinct purpose. A good label strikes a balance between eye-catching design and practical information, ensuring that consumers engage with the product. Read today’s blog from Label Solutions Inc to learn more about what makes a great label. 


Great labels are visually appealing, unique, and readable. They truly stand out from the rest, so the product jumps off the shelf.   


A great custom label has an eye-catching design that is clean and engaging. You can choose a simple design or a detailed design, so long as it’s unique and attractive. At Label Solutions Inc, our graphic design team can create any label you need to promote your brand in a distinctive way. Reach out to our department if you have any questions!  


Is the label too cluttered? Do the colors clash and make it difficult to read? It’s crucial for the label to be readable with just a moment’s glance. This includes everything from font choice to logo design, from regulatory compliant warnings to nutrition facts on a food product. A cluttered, illegible label could be a major turnoff for a customer who seeks assurance about buying a particular brand. Clear labels not only inform consumers about the product, but they also persuade customers to engage with the product and make the purchase.

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A label should look good, but it also needs to perform well. Performance refers to the label’s durability and the strength of the adhesive.


How long with the label last before it starts to peel off the bottle or package? Prolonged outdoor exposure can cause labels to crack, fade, and lose strength. At Label Solutions Inc, our labels are guaranteed to last, and we’re proud to offer in-house durability testing. Our QUV Accelerated Tester simulates the damaging forces of weather and sun exposure, so you can be sure of the quality and performance of your label.

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Exposure to Elements 

Whether it's during storage or application, exposure to various temperatures can significantly impact a label's performance. Label Solutions provides labels that will handle all types of temperatures. In particular, our industrial labels feature a high-pressure sensitive adhesive that’s secure in both room temperature and colder temperatures.

Label Solutions Inc: Capable, Committed, and Trusted

Labels Solutions Inc offers an array of high-tech printing options for your label. Whether you need a banner, a window graphic, or something unique, our digital printing capabilities are extensive. When you order from us, we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with our timely, exceptional results. Request a quote online or call 1(800) 299-9200 today.

How Do Compliant and Non-Compliant Labels Differ?

Differences Between Compliant and Non-Compliant Label Providers

Regulatory compliance usually involves the information printed on a product label, not the quality or construction of the label itself. However, if the label is of poor quality and fails or falls off, then it becomes a matter of compliance and could result in a costly fine. Non-compliant label suppliers use the cheapest products to arrive at the lowest price, but that low price could come at the cost of penalties and fines from federal regulators. Today, Label Solutions outlines the major differences between compliant and non-compliant label suppliers.

Label Solutions’ Compliant Labels 

Here is what a regulatory compliant label from Label Solutions entails: 

Durable Substrates 

The substrate is the base material that the ink is printed on. Our durable substrates can withstand long-term usage, abrasion, temperature variation, and both indoor and outdoor applications.

The Right Adhesives 

The underside of the substrate is the adhesive, which sticks to the product surface. The right adhesives can be applied quickly during production, and they hold up to 5 years for long-term applications. You can utilize our adhesives even in manufacturing facilities with high amounts of debris, dust, heat, and cold.

UV Protected Inks

A regulatory compliant label also uses UV protected inks. UV protection reduces the effects of sunlight exposure during storage and transportation, and it protects important compliance messaging and branding. These inks have a slower fade rate for font and graphics, and they support a 5-year timeline for durability. 

Label Solutions Point of Information: For imprint labels, we never use water-based inks.


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More About Label Solutions

  • We produce labels to support CGA Industry standards and strict specifications.
  • All materials and inks on every label maintain a 5-year warranty. Cylinder circulation may sometimes average 3-5 years before refilling. 
  • We notify customers of any CGA/DOT/OSHA/FDA changes before they place an order (see more below).
  • We conduct extensive multi-year testing to ensure the durability of our cylinder labels. We make sure the right type of material, inks, and adhesives are used to maintain strength.

Compliance labels need to be updated every so often, and we’ll alert you if your order includes a label that is out of compliance. We’ll let you decide how you’d like to proceed with the order and we will work with you to consider your inventory.  

Non-Compliant Label Providers

On the flip side, here is what a non-compliant label means:  

  • Low Quality: Cheaper materials and adhesives will cause the labels to fail in the field (usually the cheaper labels fail around a 12-18-month period)
  • Unable to withstand all weather conditions and long-term storage
  • Commonly sells as the “Lowest Purchase Price”
  • Results in expensive fines and penalties for not following DOT or OSHA compliance

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Label Solutions, Inc. is a full-service custom labeling company with a variety of printing options. We are committed to excellence and staying in compliance across all the industries we serve. Contact our team online or call (800) 299-9200 to place your order today. 


Label Solutions Explains Label Durability

Durable Labels: Is Your Label Tough Enough?

Have you witnessed the ink smear off a label once it gets wet? Have you had trouble reading your product labels because they fade quickly? If you’re a business owner or a production manager, the last thing you want is to spend time and money on labels that don’t work. You need durable labels that can withstand the necessary conditions. In today’s blog, Label Solutions explains label durability in detail.

What Makes Our Labels Durable?

The Substrates

First, the substrate impacts the label’s ability to endure the elements. Vinyl substrates are useful for outdoor durability and Polyesters for indoor durability. Label Solutions has the expertise to help you choose the best material to print your label on.   

The Adhesives

We specialize in gas cylinder labels with strong adhesives and durable materials to withstand any weather condition. Our clean-peel adhesive makes labels easy to remove and leaves behind no residue. Our sub-zero adhesives stay bonded even in the coldest temperatures, while all temperature labels remain secure in cold or hot temperatures. 

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What We Offer 

Tags on a Roll® Program 

At Label Solutions Inc., we offer our patented Tags on a Roll® labeling product, the perfect solution for quick and reliable labeling for indoor and outdoor applications. Tags on a Roll® labels are perfect for demanding applications, including welding materials, compressed gas, and medical applications. This durable product comes in two sizes for a variety of uses. Contact us today to learn more about Tags on a Roll®.

In-House Durability Testing

Label Solutions takes durability to the next level. Our in-house weather testing assures our customers that the labels they order are made to last. During a laboratory simulation, we replicate rain and dew through a condensation system to test the label’s durability. Also, we use UV lamps to simulate the damaging forces of the sun.


Our patented Cryoband® series allows you to customize your company name and logo on each label. This premium, durable product is designed to stay on your cylinder for many years. The Cryoband® label is abrasion resistant and doesn’t leave any glue behind after removal. 

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Maximum Durability at Label Solutions Inc

If your label needs to stand up to extreme environmental conditions, Label Solutions can help. If your label needs to be tough enough to combat corrosive chemicals and excessive handling, Label Solutions can help with that, too. Call (800) 299-9200 or request a quote for your durable labels.

Label Solutions Inc. Identifies Industry-Specific Packaging Trends

Industry-Specific Packaging Trends for 2019

If you’re a business owner, you understand the importance of adapting to new trends and staying ahead of the game. Due to new advances in technology, mass production is shifting towards specialized brand packaging. The more you can visualize a future trend and include it into your packaging strategy, the more benefits you will receive. Today on the blog, Label Solutions, Inc. identifies some industry-specific packaging trends for 2019.

Personalized Beverage Labels

Digital printing gives label providers the ability to customize packaging and include personalization in their products. Personalized labels have been trending up for the past few years, and they continue to propel the industry in 2019. Individuals are able to relate to the product and identify with the personalized packaging. This element of identification is what makes the trend a major success with beverage labels. For example, Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign attracts consumers when they see their name on their favorite Coke beverage. It’s difficult to say no to a bottle label that screams your name.

Another example is Bud Light’s custom NFL team cans, which have been a trend in recent years. Hardcore football fans are the intended audience, and these fans are more likely to buy beer with their favorite team’s logo on display.

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White Labeling

White label branding (also called private labeling) is a practice where one company produces a product or service, and another company rebrands it to make it look like their own. Many manufacturers are using white labeling across multiple industries. Grocery stores like Walmart buy other brand’s products, place the store’s Great Value brand on the labels, and sell them at a lower price. All kinds of products are sold under the Great Value brand. Various companies provide these products and package them with the Great Value label (rather than their own) in support of Walmart.

While white labeling is common in grocery stores, it also applies to the nutraceutical industry. Label Solutions, Inc. offers convenient private labeling programs for nutraceutical products. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

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Label Solutions, Inc. Can Help

Label Solutions, Inc. delivers extraordinary quality in each label we produce. From nutraceutical supplements to food and beverage labels, our experienced team can help you decide which label is best for your products. Start by requesting a quote or call 1(800) 299-9200 today.