Wide-Format Printing FAQs

Label Solutions offers wide-format printing services for customers who need items larger than standard sheets of paper. 

Read below to see our answers to frequently asked questions about wide-format printing.

What is considered wide-format printing?

In general, anything between 18 and 100 inches wide, which can’t be handled by an ordinary printer. Label Solutions can print graphics up to 58 inches wide and several feet long in small and medium quantities.

How wide can a printer print?

Any width is possible. Anything over 100 inches becomes super-wide.

Why does my company need wide-format printing?

The overall goal of wide-format printing is to create visual designs that people can easily read to discern information.

What items can a wide-format printer create?

This type of printer can make several items. Label Solutions specializes in wide-format printing using sheets with an adhesive backing, such as:

  • Sheeted labels with an adhesive backing to go on large items.
  • Large decals to go on tubs, walls, displays, boxes, drums, and storage.
  • Signage for just about anything.
  • Kit labeling, with several labels on one sheet.

How does wide-format printing work?

A wide-format printer works just like a standard printer, only larger.

  1. The printer receives the job from a computer after you approve the design.
  2. The substrate, typically paper or label sheeting, comes off the roll slowly while laser printers produce beautiful colors.
  3. One of our technicians examines the print as it comes out of the machine to make sure the quality is where it should be.
  4. We lay the finished print on a flat surface to prevent wrinkles or damage before packaging.

Where can I put my items created by a wide-format printer?

  • Against a wall
  • In a window
  • Hanging from the ceiling
  • On a floor
  • On crates
  • On boxes
  • On metal drums

Who can I hire to create items with wide-format printing?

Custom label producers like Label Solutions have the expertise and industry knowledge to handle wide-format printing of adhesive-backed labels and signage.

Contact us or call 1-800-299-9200 for more information on partnering with our team.