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Why You Need Sharp Graphics on Custom Labels

Posted on: May, 28, 2020

A well-written custom label allows you to engage customers with your message and branding. Your label can also provide important instructions or warnings for customers, businesses, and regulatory agencies. However, a great label requires more than just words and text. In today’s blog from Label Solutions, we explain the benefits of sharp graphics on custom […]

Brand Identity Product Layout

The Importance of Brand Identity Design for Your Product Label

Posted on: Nov, 8, 2019

Whether you sell soft drinks or cleaning products, brand identity is a critical part of your product label design. You may have the most advanced and high-quality product on the shelf, but if your branding is forgettable, you won’t build the type of loyal customer base your product deserves. You need product branding that stays […]

Bottles of wine with white labels

What to Consider When Getting Custom Durable Labels

Posted on: Jun, 28, 2019

Things to Consider When Choosing Custom Labels Custom labels can be as unique and distinctive as necessary. Whether you’re a small craft brewery or a large manufacturer of industrial supplies, you can choose the perfect custom labels for all of your products and applications. Before you complete an order with us, there are some things […]

Female customer reading label on bottle

8 Mistakes Blog Series – Mistake #2: Applying Product Labels Incorrectly

Posted on: Mar, 8, 2019

Label Solutions, Inc. helps businesses who experience challenges with their current labels or label providers. Many business owners make small mistakes as they are planning their product labels and packaging. The Label Solutions team wants to address these errors so that you can prevent obstacles and reach maximum productivity. Today, we cover Mistake #2: Applying […]