Label Solutions Art Upload Instructions

Supported/Preferred Artwork Formats

Adobe Photoshop (.tif files)

Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps files)

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf files)

Unsupported Artwork Formats

  • Adobe Indesign
  • Quark Express
  • Microsoft Programs

General Document Setup

  • Set Illustrator to CMYK Color Mode. (No RGB)
  • Set Raster Image Resolution to 300ppi
  • Set Raster Effects to 300ppi
  • Any rasterized images should be at least 300dpi or higher at the size they are used in the label artwork. This will allow for a quality output label.
  • Any bitmapped images should be at least 1200dpi or higher at the size they are used in the label artwork. This will allow for a quality output label.
  • Make sure all colors used in your design are labeled clearly and properly within your files.
  • Include between 1/16" and 1/8" Bleed Area for any graphics that extend up/past the edges of the Cut Line. This is to allow for a proper die cutting tolerance.
  • Copy, logos, and graphic elements should have a 1/16" to 1/8" Safe Area away from the Cut Line.

Spot Colors

  • Keep in mind that for Digital Printing, all production is done as CMYK, except for when white is required.
  • We recommend using spot colors for the following circumstances:

    • Text, in order to maintain optimum legibility.
    • Elements that require vibrant color. CMYK is only capable of reproducing a portion of the full color gamut “accurately.”
    • When a label needs a color that cannot be accurately reproduced with CMYK inks, such as a precise color matching of a corporate or logo color.
    • Metallic or fluorescent colors must be reproduced as a spot color. (Flexo)

Positive Type/Fonts

  • Minimum type size: 5 pt
  • Minimum rule / line size (stroke): .25 pt
  • For best results, text should be created from one solid color.
  • Text should always be created in vector format. Raster-based text will have jagged edges, making small text very difficult to read.
  • On small type sizes (5 to 8 pt) use boldface, sans serif fonts. Register marks, Trademarks and Copyright marks (®,™,©) below 6 pt must be bold.
  • Fonts must be converted to outlines, please keep in mind they are no longer editable.
  • Avoid True Type Fonts.

Reverse Type

  • Minimum type size: 6 pt
  • Minimum rule / line size (stroke): .75 pt
  • Minimum recommended for a channel or rule seperating two color areas is 1.5 pt.
  • For best results, reversed text and objects should be created from one solid color surrounding the reversed area. (Flexo)
  • It is always best if any reversed text is in a bold font.

Saving and Sending Files

  • Always save a working copy with active fonts and a final copy with outlined fonts.
  • Acceptable file media:
    • E-mail: 30 MB or less
    • Artwork Upload on our FTP site:
  • Use masking tools. Covering unwanted graphics with white-filled objects can lead to issues on prepress side. Remove hidden elements ( i.e. templates, old artwork, etc. )
  • Delete unused colors from the color palette. Indicate any special match colors.

Contact our graphics department for details.