Why Use Clean Peel Industrial Labels for Hazardous Chemicals?

Hazardous materials must meet specific labeling requirements for both storage and shipping. As such, you need the right kind of labels on your hazmat containers to ensure the label stands out, provides pertinent and easy-to-see information, and withstands all kinds of heavy-duty conditions. Today’s blog from Label Solutions explains why you should use our Clean Peel industrial labels for hazardous chemicals.

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A Container’s Contents May Change

Containers for hazardous materials are reusable in many instances, such as those for petroleum, compressed gas, and waste materials. The contents of the containers may change over a lifetime of use. Clean Peel industrial labels don’t leave behind a sticky residue when you peel them off. Rather than put a new label on top of the old one, simply peel off the old one and replace it in seconds.

Mistaken Identity

What if you have an old label underneath a new one, but the new one wears off? The old label may have the wrong date, materials, or warning instructions on it. A case of mistaken identity for what hazardous material is inside the container creates a disaster waiting to happen. Clean Peel industrial labels prevent this problem from happening.

Sticky Residue Creates Build-Up

Peeling off traditional labels creates a sticky build-up. Once you peel off a sticker and leave the spot blank, over time a sticky mess of dirt, grease, dust, and grime will build up on the spot where the sticker was. Now you’ll have to clean that gunk off before you re-use the hazmat container.  Clean Peel industrial labels by Label Solutions keep your containers cleaner over time. No special washing required. 

Plus, if something builds up on the outside that’s flammable (like oil or gasoline), that creates a whole new set of problems for your hazardous waste handling.

Lot Codes

Reusable hazardous materials containers often come in lots. For example, one label says it’s “Canister 11 out of 35” in a particular shipment, and the lot code and barcode match that number. What if the lot codes change when you refill the containers? The materials may be the same as they were before, but the lot codes are different because you’re shipping these containers to a different customer. Clean Peel by Label Solutions makes it easy to change lot codes on your containers.

Empty Cylinders

Once a compressed gas cylinder is empty, it no longer contains the hazardous material. Easily remove the Clean Peel industrial label to show the container is inert. There should be no question whether your old CGC still has material in it.

Reduces Labor Costs

Clean Peel industrial labels come off in mere seconds. There’s no endless peeling or tiny bits of paper that take forever to get off. Nor do you need acetone to remove the sticky residue from your container. Simply peel the label off and put another one on in seconds. You save on labor costs over time. 

Hypothetical Scenario 

Let’s say you need to remove labels on 120 compressed gas cylinders containing medical oxygen. You’ve got high demand for these containers due to increased needs at hospitals all over the world. 

If it takes 30 seconds to remove each industrial label and put a new one on, changing 120 labels will take one hour. If your employee earns $30 per hour, you will spend $30 to pay that employee for this task. Performing the task every week will cost roughly $1,500 per year.

Suppose other labels take 90 seconds to remove. For 120 labels, that’s $90 spent on labor for the task. Performing the task every week will cost roughly $4,500 per year — substantially more for labels that come off in 90 seconds versus 30 seconds. 

How could that $3,000 benefit your company? Investing in a new machine? New computer software? Advertising and marketing? Profits?

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Clean Peel Industrial Labels by Label Solutions

This is just a hypothetical situation. Your actual results may vary, but you see the point. Clean Peel industrial labels can save your company time, effort, money, and resources. Contact Label Solutions or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 for more info on our Clean Peel industrial labels.

How Humidity and Moisture Affect Adhesive Labels

Adhesive labels must achieve two missions. They must convey the right messaging, and they must remain durable on the substrate for as long as possible without degrading. In today’s blog from Label Solutions, we explain how humidity and moisture affect adhesive label performance.

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Affixing Labels

Some adhesive labels are hard to affix to surfaces in high heat and humidity. If possible, you should attach labels in a carefully controlled environment before the items leave your facility. Improperly affixed labels can fall off. On certain products, retailers can’t sell them without a label. You lose money because the retailer has to either return the product or throw it away.

Adhesive Label Storage 

It is important to always store adhesive labels in a climate-controlled environment. Maintain relative humidity as close to 50% as possible. Room temperature should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). Although you might need to affix labels to products or containers that are cold, storing labels in the proper conditions lets them last longer. 

Problems Due to Humidity

Adhesive labels face several issues due to high humidity. Edges may lift or curl. Lifting and curling could make the label fall off eventually. Added moisture can cause labels to fade quickly, rendering them useless. Soft pressure adhesives may fail altogether, while ink may smudge or smear in high humidity.

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Problems Due to Heat

Humidity and heat go hand in hand. Because adhesive labels absorb moisture more readily than the substrate, high and low temperatures affect the labels first before the substrate. Quick changes in temperature could lead to curling and peeling. Low temperatures could turn moisture into ice crystals, which then quickly cover the label in moisture when the temperature rises quickly. Sudden temperature changes degrade the labels faster than gradual changes.


A viable solution to mitigate humidity and temperature problems is to go with adhesive labels that aren’t made of paper. Polypropylene and vinyl are two common materials that resist moisture and temperature swings. Another way to combat degradation via environmental conditions comes from acclimating the labels to their surroundings. Before affixing labels, store them at the same temperature as the substrate for several hours.

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Label Solutions and Adhesive Labels

Label Solutions can help you mitigate or eliminate problems of moisture and temperature for your adhesive labels. Our team can design labels with sharp graphics, outstanding adhesives, and high-tech products that stick to many types of substrates. Contact Label Solutions today or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 for more details.

Label Solutions: Your Source for Industrial Labels

Industrial labels work well in a myriad of extreme settings. Think of quick-release adhesives, low-temperature performance, bar codes, tags-on-a-roll, and Applikits where you need multiple labels on the same equipment. Today’s blog from Label Solutions examines the selection of industrial labels we can help design for you.

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Clean-Peel Labels

Our proprietary Clean-Peel industrial labels come off without leaving a residue behind. These labels work perfectly in the industrial gas and medical gas industries. Clean-Peel comes in handy for lot codes and keeps cylinders looking sharp due to the thin construction. This industrial labeling solution comes in handy when you fill a gas container with a different kind of gas after it’s empty.

All-Temperature Labels

All-temperature industrial labels securely hold up at room temperature and when exposed to cold. Label Solutions’ all-temperature products are fantastic for refrigerated foods such as meats and dairy. They’re also great for beverages, bakery items, and prepared foods.


BOPP stands for biaxially oriented polypropylene. These labels are thin, have excellent moisture resistance, and come in white or clear. White BOPP is glossy and makes colored print pop. Clear BOPP produces the illusion that there isn’t a label, which is perfect for when you want the color and texture of your products to stand out.

Variable Data and Barcode

Label Solutions can produce a wide range of variable data and barcode labels. We can print barcode labels for sequential, inventory tracking, or lot tracking. We can also change what the label says without changing the design to save on your costs. All you do is provide the variable information to use in a CSV format, and our designers do the rest. Our team can take tiff or jpg images and print them in vibrant colors on industrial labels.


Sometimes, you need convenient and quick tagging on industrial labels. Our team can print massive amounts of tags-on-a-roll that work for indoor or outdoor applications. We have two sizes of tags for medical post valves and industrial cylinder caps. We can print them in any color, and we have perforations available.


We can design complete Applikits that come in a single sheet. Multiple die-cut labels on a single sheet are ideal for multiple labels on the same machinery or package. Think warning labels, branding, instructions, and phone numbers to call in case of a breakdown.

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Label Solutions & Industrial Labels

Label Solutions prints custom industrial labels for whatever application you need. We collaborate with your team to produce the perfect label made to your exact specifications. Contact Label Solutions or call 1-800-299-9200 to request a free quote for industrial labels.

Label Solutions Explains What Makes a Great Label

Whether it provides nutrition facts or reveals crucial health and safety information, each product label serves a distinct purpose. A good label strikes a balance between eye-catching design and practical information, ensuring that consumers engage with the product. Read today’s blog from Label Solutions Inc to learn more about what makes a great label. 


Great labels are visually appealing, unique, and readable. They truly stand out from the rest, so the product jumps off the shelf.   


A great custom label has an eye-catching design that is clean and engaging. You can choose a simple design or a detailed design, so long as it’s unique and attractive. At Label Solutions Inc, our graphic design team can create any label you need to promote your brand in a distinctive way. Reach out to our department if you have any questions!  


Is the label too cluttered? Do the colors clash and make it difficult to read? It’s crucial for the label to be readable with just a moment’s glance. This includes everything from font choice to logo design, from regulatory compliant warnings to nutrition facts on a food product. A cluttered, illegible label could be a major turnoff for a customer who seeks assurance about buying a particular brand. Clear labels not only inform consumers about the product, but they also persuade customers to engage with the product and make the purchase.

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A label should look good, but it also needs to perform well. Performance refers to the label’s durability and the strength of the adhesive.


How long with the label last before it starts to peel off the bottle or package? Prolonged outdoor exposure can cause labels to crack, fade, and lose strength. At Label Solutions Inc, our labels are guaranteed to last, and we’re proud to offer in-house durability testing. Our QUV Accelerated Tester simulates the damaging forces of weather and sun exposure, so you can be sure of the quality and performance of your label.

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Exposure to Elements 

Whether it's during storage or application, exposure to various temperatures can significantly impact a label's performance. Label Solutions provides labels that will handle all types of temperatures. In particular, our industrial labels feature a high-pressure sensitive adhesive that’s secure in both room temperature and colder temperatures.

Label Solutions Inc: Capable, Committed, and Trusted

Labels Solutions Inc offers an array of high-tech printing options for your label. Whether you need a banner, a window graphic, or something unique, our digital printing capabilities are extensive. When you order from us, we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with our timely, exceptional results. Request a quote online or call 1(800) 299-9200 today.