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Commercial Label Production FAQs

Posted on: Sep, 27, 2021

Label Solutions has been in the commercial label production industry since 1989. In today’s blog, our experts answer several frequently asked questions about commercial label production. What are commercial labels? Commercial label production companies design, print, create, and make labels that adhere to most substrates, including plastic, glass, metal, textured surfaces, and painted surfaces.  Because […]

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What Happens If Dirt Gets on Your Adhesive Labels Before Shipping Your Products?

Posted on: Jun, 1, 2021

Dirt can find its way onto your adhesive labels in many different ways: through direct contact with fingers, a dirty storage environment, or by adhering to packaging materials that are coated in dirt.  Regardless of how the dirt comes into contact with adhesive labels, the result is never good. It’s very difficult (if not impossible) […]

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How to Fix Common Problems With Your Adhesive Label Applicator

Posted on: May, 14, 2021

Excessive downtime spent troubleshooting production issues can cut into your profit and hinder your productivity. To help you get back up and running faster, here are some of the most common problems companies face with adhesive label applicators, and most importantly, how to solve them. Problem #1: The label material has excessive die strikes. Die […]

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How to Store Adhesive Labels Properly

Posted on: May, 1, 2021

At Label Solutions, we’ve intentionally designed our process to make sure your adhesive labels are the highest-quality product and that they are exactly what you want for your product. However, even after your labels leave our facility, we want to make sure you get the most out of them and you’re happy with their performance. […]

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What Are Harsh Environment Labels and When Should You Use Them?

Posted on: Apr, 18, 2021

If there’s a label on a product, more than likely it’s there for a reason. It can alert of dangers like ingestion, inhalation and issues associated when mixing with other substances. It can direct us on how and when to use properly and what happens if used incorrectly.  Harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and […]