Custom Label FAQs

Posted on: Dec, 17, 2021

Label Solutions produces custom labels for a wide variety of companies and industries, from compressed gas and industrial to nutraceuticals and consumer packaged goods. Our label production team answers several frequently asked questions about custom labels. What is a custom label? Custom labels ensure your target audience can easily identify aspects of your packaging that […]

Hand sanitizer with label

Adhesive Labels Saving Lives With Efficient Time to Market & COVID-19

Posted on: Feb, 4, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about our modern society, from how we interact with each other to product purchasing patterns. Label printers also had to adapt, as time to market, efficient production, digital designs, and working remotely with customers all became necessary.  Most importantly, adhesive labels can save lives during the coronavirus pandemic. Label Solutions […]

Label Solutions Custom Labels Coronavirus COVID-19

Custom Labels for Industries Responding to COVID-19

Posted on: Apr, 3, 2020

The entire world has been rocked by the Coronavirus pandemic. Healthcare providers and health officials are scrambling to contain the virus and care for people who are sick. Industries combatting the COVID-19 outbreak are trying to keep up with high demand for medical supplies, EPA-registered disinfectants, sundry items, medicines designed to fight coughs and colds, […]

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Products That Use Waterproof Labels

Posted on: Nov, 21, 2019

Durable waterproof labels keep your products safe from water damage, whether it’s rain, snow, condensation, or a spilled beverage. From small bottles to large packages, there are many products that feature high-quality labels designed to withstand wet conditions. Today, Labels Solutions explains why waterproof labels are important, and we identify some common products that utilize […]


Why Your Product Could Use a High-Temp Label

Posted on: Nov, 6, 2019

Whether you operate in the food production industry or the aerospace industry, resilient and long-lasting labels are critical for logistics, operations, and safety. Some applications require abrasion resistance, water-proofing, and a high-temperature rating. In today’s blog, the team at Label Solutions discusses the reasons your product might need high-temp labels. Benefits of High-Temp Labels High-temp […]