Specialty Labels



These kits are very helpful to our customers. Multiple die cut labels are on a single sheet for easy application and inventory control (i.e. a “sticker sheet”). Having all labels on a single sheet reduces the chance of application error and allows the customer to eliminate multiple rolls of individual labels in inventory.

“Green” Labeling

Label Solutions is dedicated to keeping our environment healthy for future generations. We offer a variety of environmentally friendly product label printing materials such as: destructible materials and stocks that are made from recycled materials. We also recycle all of the cardboard and paper being used in our facility.

Tags on a Roll®


With Tags on a Roll® your company’s personalization or advertising message is available. With two sizes available, you can easily label indoor and outdoor welding, compressed gas and medical applications including medical oxygen tanks currently needed to help combat the Coronavirus pandemic. Our patented product labels are perfect for announcements, open houses, new products, and promotions. It’s fast, easy application helps you save time and money.

  • Specially designed hole sizes with retention slots to speed application and ensure a tight, effective fit.
  • Large tag conveniently applies directly over cylinder cap for easy viewing of the tag's contents and warnings.
  • Perforated and supplied in roll form for easy storage and handling.
  • Perfect for tanks that need frequent refilling, such as medical oxygen tanks.
  • Proprietary plasticized material is formulated for indoor and outdoor use for all welding, compressed gas and medical oxygen tank applications.
  • Available with perforations.
  • Automotive grade inks ensure long life, UV resistance and attractive inprint.
Description Small Tag Large Tag
Tag Size 2.0" × 4.875" 5.0" × 9.0"
Hole Size .810" ID (1.25"
max. slotted ID)
2.925" ID (3.85"
max. slotted ID)
Material Proprietary High Density Proprietary High Density
Application Medical Post Valves Industrial Cylinder Caps
Perforation Available Yes Yes
Personalization Yes Yes
Colors Any Standard Any Standard
Quantity per Roll 250 500
Exterior Usage Yes Yes
Meets Regulatory ID Requirements No No

Sandwich Labels

Make the most of every space on your label with our sandwich labels. Our sandwich labels are extremely popular on water bottles, or any packaging material that is transparent such as hand sanitizer and isopropyl alcohol. With sandwich labels your customers will see the front side, and see more information on the back when they look through the bottle.

Cold Foil

Cold Foil is the process of fusing a bright, metallic foil onto the label with the combination of a plate, adhesive and pressure. The advantages of cold foil versus hot foil is that there is no metal stamp that has to be purchased, in turn providing a more cost-effective solution.

Variable Data—Bar Code

VDP_images_nfWe are capable of producing many types of customized variable data labels including: Variable and sequential barcodes labels, variable images, and variable text. These labels work well when you have similar products that come in different sizes but require different barcodes. Think different-sized bottles of disinfectant or hand sanitizer consumers and healthcare providers need to help combat the Coronavirus outbreak. Or how about immune support dietary supplements that come in 60- or 120-count sizes? Help retailers make sure consumers get the products they need for home care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working closely with our digital department, we can supply you with multiple images, data, text or barcodes on almost any label design.

Variable barcodes: When you provide us with the barcode information we can print any number of variable barcodes, whether sequential or for inventory or lot tracking—or any other use you might have. We can expedite orders for your high-demand products in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Variable text: To appeal to the different segments of your customers, we are able to change what the label says, without changing the design. You will need to provide variable information in a spread sheet in CSV format. Our digital front end professionals can help you get it set up, so it meets our required specs.

Variable images: Whether it’s line art that needs to vary, tiff or jpg images we can make it happen.

Citrus Based Remover

Safe and effective, our citrus based remover can be used on many different surfaces. This product leaves no adhesive residue behind after drying. It was originally formulated specifically for cylinder label adhesive removal, but after several testings, we have found this product can be used for multiple purposes.