Why Your Product Could Use a High-Temp Label

Whether you operate in the food production industry or the aerospace industry, resilient and long-lasting labels are critical for logistics, operations, and safety. Some applications require abrasion resistance, water-proofing, and a high-temperature rating. In today’s blog, the team at Label Solutions discusses the reasons your product might need high-temp labels.

Benefits of High-Temp Labels

High-temp labels provide critical functionality for all sorts of applications and stages in the lifespan of the product. High-temperature labels may be necessary during production because labels go on surfaces when they’re literally hot off the presses. Consider high-temp labels for shipping and logistics since the product might be exposed to blistering sunlight on a flatbed truck. Think about what happens once the product is in the customer’s hands. High-temp labels work well for products that endure extreme temperatures when in use. A high-performance electric motor is just one example of this application.

For branding, information, regulatory compliance, and safety, use the appropriate high-temperature materials and adhesives in your product labeling. Label Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of materials and adhesives for whatever applications and exposures your product requires.

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Applications That Require High Temp Labels

Many applications and industries require high-temperature labels. Aerospace equipment and mining machinery endure high temperatures and extreme conditions, and these products require excellent label design.

Read our brief list of applications and industries utilize high-temp labels every day:




Food Processing



Pumps and Valves

Soldered and/or Galvanized Components

PC Boards

Wire Wraps

Heat Insulators

Automotive Parts

Electric Motors


Industrial Processing

Gaskets and Shields

Chemical Processes


Flame-Resistant Applications


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Label Solutions Has the Innovation You Need

If you require advanced, high-temperature labels for your products, Label Solutions has the experience and technology you need. We offer an extensive portfolio of materials and adhesives for a wide range of applications, and our in-house compliance team ensures your labels remain effective and compliant with regulations. Contact Label Solutions to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!