Why Your Product Could Use a High-Temp Label

Whether you operate in the food production industry or the aerospace industry, resilient and long-lasting labels are critical for logistics, operations, and safety. Some applications require abrasion resistance, water-proofing, and a high-temperature rating. In today’s blog, the team at Label Solutions discusses the reasons your product might need high-temp labels.

Benefits of High-Temp Labels

High-temp labels provide critical functionality for all sorts of applications and stages in the lifespan of the product. High-temperature labels may be necessary during production because labels go on surfaces when they’re literally hot off the presses. Consider high-temp labels for shipping and logistics since the product might be exposed to blistering sunlight on a flatbed truck. Think about what happens once the product is in the customer’s hands. High-temp labels work well for products that endure extreme temperatures when in use. A high-performance electric motor is just one example of this application.

For branding, information, regulatory compliance, and safety, use the appropriate high-temperature materials and adhesives in your product labeling. Label Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of materials and adhesives for whatever applications and exposures your product requires.

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Applications That Require High Temp Labels

Many applications and industries require high-temperature labels. Aerospace equipment and mining machinery endure high temperatures and extreme conditions, and these products require excellent label design.

Read our brief list of applications and industries utilize high-temp labels every day:




Food Processing



Pumps and Valves

Soldered and/or Galvanized Components

PC Boards

Wire Wraps

Heat Insulators

Automotive Parts

Electric Motors


Industrial Processing

Gaskets and Shields

Chemical Processes


Flame-Resistant Applications


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Label Solutions Has the Innovation You Need

If you require advanced, high-temperature labels for your products, Label Solutions has the experience and technology you need. We offer an extensive portfolio of materials and adhesives for a wide range of applications, and our in-house compliance team ensures your labels remain effective and compliant with regulations. Contact Label Solutions to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

What Print Projects Are Best for Digital Printing

 Print Projects That Work Best for Digital Printing

Digital printing offers many benefits like sustainability, flexibility, and incredible clarity. It can even help save time and money while giving you excellent results, making it a great option when it comes to various printing needs! While this is an excellent print option, some print projects are better left to other printing processes. In today’s blog, the experts at Label Solutions Inc. are here to talk about what print projects work best with digital printing

Creative Projects

If you are looking to create prints of your design on a variety of substrates, digital printing can give you the flexibility and customization you need. Without all of the extra cost and material, you can easily make adjustments to different design elements before you decide on the final product. And the best part is you don’t have to limit your color palette or break the bank!

Projects on a Deadline

Since digital printing does not require the setup that some print jobs require, it makes a great option for projects on a deadline or even projects that are needed right away. 

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Variable Data or Direct Mail

If you need variable data like barcodes, names, addresses, and phone numbers, the absolute best way to go is digital printing. This method also allows you to make personalized messages and custom designs for different demographics without having to use extra materials. 

Low-Volume Jobs

Digital printing costs significantly less than offset printing, making it a great option for low-volume print jobs. This type of printing doesn’t require custom plates or an extensive setup process, allowing you to print as few or as many pieces as you need!

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Digital Printing at Label Solutions Inc.

No matter the project you are looking to print, you can count on Label Solutions Inc. for a variety of digital printing capabilities. With our team, you will leave feeling happy with the results and timeliness of our services. To get started on your next print job, call us at (800) 299-9200 or request a quote online today!