The Importance of Brand Identity Design for Your Product Label

Whether you sell soft drinks or cleaning products, brand identity is a critical part of your product label design. You may have the most advanced and high-quality product on the shelf, but if your branding is forgettable, you won’t build the type of loyal customer base your product deserves.

You need product branding that stays on your customers’ minds if you want to profit from the excellent quality of your products. This is where Label Solutions can help. Read today’s blog to learn about the importance of brand identity design for your product label.

Brand Identity Gives Your Product a Purpose

The purpose of your product must come through in your product packaging and brand identity, whether you sell fine wine or child-safe shampoo. Labels can make an overt statement of purpose, for example, “Mom’s Choice for No-Tears Baby Shampoo.” Or they can create a subtle indication of luxury and natural quality, such as a beautifully designed wine label utilizing recycled materials.

Clearly defining your product’s purpose helps customers to feel certain about the benefits of your product and the role it will play in their lives. When your brand identity consistently asserts a clear and valuable purpose, customers feel they can count on your products to fulfill their needs.

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Brand Identity Creates a Memory

The right brand identity will create a memory that engages the customer on an emotional and practical level. That memory will be different for each customer. Some may remember your product from their childhood. Some may remember your product from their grandma’s kitchen cupboard. Some may simply remember your product from their last visit to the grocery store.

The key is to create a brand identity that is unique and engaging. Whatever the individual experience of the customer might be, your brand will be associated with their specific, personal memories.

Brand Identity Builds Trust

Cohesive and consistent brand identity is the cornerstone of consumer trust. You can invest heavily in operations and production while providing the best world-class customer service. However, if you have an inconsistent product label design and forgettable brand identity, you will never build the customer trust your product deserves. Label Solutions is proud to offer an experienced, in-house design team to help you maintain consistent brand identity across your whole product line for decades to come. We are dedicated to long-lasting partnerships with each and every client we serve.

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Build Your Brand With Label Solutions

If you’re ready to build your brand and ensure consistent and cohesive product label design across your entire product line, Label Solutions can assist you. Our experienced in-house team handles every step of the process, from the first custom label design to the last shipment arriving at your doorstep. We’re proud of the excellent service we provide to every client. Reach out to the Label Solutions team to start building your brand!

The Importance of Custom Wine Label Design

Vineyards and wineries around the world create amazing products that taste wonderful. Connoisseurs of these products tend to be discerning, well-informed, and interested in the details of each wine they try. Therefore, wine label design is very important for customer experience and enjoyment. Today’s blog from Label Solutions discusses the details of custom wine label design that make vintages and winemakers stand out from a crowded field.

Prestige and Provenance

When developing your custom wine label design, consider the feeling you want to leave with your customers. Many winemakers are proud of the prestige and provenance of their wines. They want customers to experience the tradition of the production process, the expertise of the vintners, the quality of the ingredients, and the natural beauty and history of the vineyards.

Proper communication of the excellence, prestige, and provenance of your wine lends to the overall experience. Customers will value your product and enjoy it more with each glass when they know the pedigree behind every grape, every drop, and every note. Label Solutions provides custom label design for vineyards and wineries that makes the right first impression.

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Informative and Engaging

Fantastic custom wine labels inform and engage customers. True wine aficionados are fascinated by the details about the wines they enjoy. When they see a wine with a beautiful appearance, they will pick it up and spin it around to read all the details — from the grape varietals to the type of casks used for aging.

Prominent label designs for a wine grab the customer’s attention with beautiful visuals, such as a cursive script or lovely illustration. Labels then keep their attention with informative and engaging details. The in-house label design team at Label Solutions works with you to get every detail just right to create an irresistible final result.

FDA Requirements

While prestige, information, and engagement are important, regulatory compliance is absolutely fundamental. Your products must abide by FDA regulations. Otherwise, you can’t sell them in the United States. Labels need to show all information, certification, and health warnings as required by law.

As such, labels need to contain materials and adhesives that keep them intact and compliant along all stages of the product journey. Wine labels must endure every process and handling, from the factory line and freight truck to the store shelf and inspection by the customer. Label Solutions has the experience, technology, and compliance team to make sure every product complies with regulations.

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Label Solutions Is Here to Help

At Label Solutions, we understand the utmost importance you place on the quality of your wine and the integrity of your brand. Your customers are very discerning, and they have a lot of options. Let us show you how your custom wine label design can stand out from the rest. Contact us today to get started!

Why Your Product Could Use a High-Temp Label

Whether you operate in the food production industry or the aerospace industry, resilient and long-lasting labels are critical for logistics, operations, and safety. Some applications require abrasion resistance, water-proofing, and a high-temperature rating. In today’s blog, the team at Label Solutions discusses the reasons your product might need high-temp labels.

Benefits of High-Temp Labels

High-temp labels provide critical functionality for all sorts of applications and stages in the lifespan of the product. High-temperature labels may be necessary during production because labels go on surfaces when they’re literally hot off the presses. Consider high-temp labels for shipping and logistics since the product might be exposed to blistering sunlight on a flatbed truck. Think about what happens once the product is in the customer’s hands. High-temp labels work well for products that endure extreme temperatures when in use. A high-performance electric motor is just one example of this application.

For branding, information, regulatory compliance, and safety, use the appropriate high-temperature materials and adhesives in your product labeling. Label Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of materials and adhesives for whatever applications and exposures your product requires.

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Applications That Require High Temp Labels

Many applications and industries require high-temperature labels. Aerospace equipment and mining machinery endure high temperatures and extreme conditions, and these products require excellent label design.

Read our brief list of applications and industries utilize high-temp labels every day:




Food Processing



Pumps and Valves

Soldered and/or Galvanized Components

PC Boards

Wire Wraps

Heat Insulators

Automotive Parts

Electric Motors


Industrial Processing

Gaskets and Shields

Chemical Processes


Flame-Resistant Applications


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Label Solutions Has the Innovation You Need

If you require advanced, high-temperature labels for your products, Label Solutions has the experience and technology you need. We offer an extensive portfolio of materials and adhesives for a wide range of applications, and our in-house compliance team ensures your labels remain effective and compliant with regulations. Contact Label Solutions to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Properly Label Your CBD Products

When you want to make the most of your CBD product sales, product labeling that looks great and complies with regulation is critical. Your product label must look clear and remain in compliance from the moment your product comes off the factory line to when your customers buy it. Label Solutions has the experience and technology to create excellent CBD product labels for both appearance and regulatory compliance. Read on to learn the details.

FDA Requirements

Regulatory compliance with the FDA remains the hallmark of every CBD product label. If your product doesn’t comply with regulations, it doesn’t matter how great the design or the product is, because it will never make it to the shelf. The CBD regulatory climate changes rapidly, so it’s essential to work with an experienced partner who understands the industry and can cover all the bases.

Discover several recommendations to help keep your products in compliance:

  • Avoid making claims about the health benefits of your CBD product labels, including but not limited to treating illnesses or curing medical conditions.
  • Include information about what particular parts of the hemp plant are used in the CBD product. Is this product derived from hemp seeds? Is it a pressed hemp oil? This information should be available to both consumers and regulators.
  • Units of measurement matter on a CBD product label. Your product must accurately note the net weight or volume, the number of capsules, the net weight or volume of each capsule, and any other applicable information.
  • Maintain FDA compliance for both food and supplement packaging requirements. In an uncertain regulatory climate, it’s vital to include as much information as necessary. Label Solutions has been serving clients in both food and supplement markets for decades, and we arrived early to the CBD market as well.

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Correct Materials and Adhesives

Correct materials and adhesives for your CBD product labels are just as important as regulatory compliance. Even if your compliance is perfect, you can still get into regulatory trouble if your label doesn’t hold up during shipping and on the shelf. What happens if a label falls off or becomes unreadable before a customer buys it? That product becomes unsellable, and you waste it.

Depending on the product you’re selling, there will be a particular profile of materials and adhesives that will work for your situation. Our team bases the correct materials for the CBD product label on the design decisions you want for the label.

Clean-Peel labels? No problem. An oil-soluble product that often ends up on the label surface? No problem. Moisture and heat resistance because customers use the product in the shower? No problem.

Label Solutions can handle whatever demanding conditions your product requires. Our labels look great and stay intact. Your product will remain appealing to customers and compliant with regulations, from the factory line to the freight truck to the customer’s shopping cart.

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Your Solution for CBD Product Labeling

Label Solutions is your solution for custom label design in the CBD industry. We have the experience and technology to create the perfect label for your products. Our extensive portfolio of materials and adhesives works for every application, and we have an in-house custom label design studio to make the exact label design you want. Reach out to the Label Solutions team to find out more!

Three Common Label Pains Explained – Label Solutions Inc

The cost of interruption for a product label failure is something that no manufacturer or brand wants to experience. There are 3 main problems that businesses, just like yours, encounter time and time again that can delay or even stop production. Read on to see how Label Solutions can help you to decrease your pain with labels and more importantly how we can keep your production line moving.

A Poorly Constructed Label

If you aren't familiar with working with an oil-based product, the material that your label is printed on is definitely one that should not be experimented with. Label Solutions has the experience of working with oil-based products successfully. Don't take the chance of choosing the wrong label supplier when it comes to the longevity of your label.

Label Solutions Dropper Label

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Long Lead Times

Some of our customers have expressed that their previous label supplier had a 3+ week turnaround time. Here at Label Solutions, we know that time is precious, and you can't be waiting that long for your labels. We think you will be pleased with our standard production time. Give us a call to get your exact ship date!


Print Quality

Do you have small print on your label? Does your current supplier have issues with registration? Are you looking for something new to help elevate your look without raising your cost? Our print quality is of the utmost importance to us. You will be hard-pressed to find a company that works harder than Label Solutions at making sure your labels are of the best quality.

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Learn More With Label Solutions Inc

For more information or to speak with someone regarding your more specific needs, please give us a call at 1-800-299-9200 or drop us an email at We are proud to provide high-quality label printing services and excellent customer support. Give Label Solutions Inc a chance to take the pain out of ordering your product labels.