The Importance of Custom Wine Label Design

Vineyards and wineries around the world create amazing products that taste wonderful. Connoisseurs of these products tend to be discerning, well-informed, and interested in the details of each wine they try. Therefore, wine label design is very important for customer experience and enjoyment. Today’s blog from Label Solutions discusses the details of custom wine label design that make vintages and winemakers stand out from a crowded field.

Prestige and Provenance

When developing your custom wine label design, consider the feeling you want to leave with your customers. Many winemakers are proud of the prestige and provenance of their wines. They want customers to experience the tradition of the production process, the expertise of the vintners, the quality of the ingredients, and the natural beauty and history of the vineyards.

Proper communication of the excellence, prestige, and provenance of your wine lends to the overall experience. Customers will value your product and enjoy it more with each glass when they know the pedigree behind every grape, every drop, and every note. Label Solutions provides custom label design for vineyards and wineries that makes the right first impression.

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Informative and Engaging

Fantastic custom wine labels inform and engage customers. True wine aficionados are fascinated by the details about the wines they enjoy. When they see a wine with a beautiful appearance, they will pick it up and spin it around to read all the details — from the grape varietals to the type of casks used for aging.

Prominent label designs for a wine grab the customer’s attention with beautiful visuals, such as a cursive script or lovely illustration. Labels then keep their attention with informative and engaging details. The in-house label design team at Label Solutions works with you to get every detail just right to create an irresistible final result.

FDA Requirements

While prestige, information, and engagement are important, regulatory compliance is absolutely fundamental. Your products must abide by FDA regulations. Otherwise, you can’t sell them in the United States. Labels need to show all information, certification, and health warnings as required by law.

As such, labels need to contain materials and adhesives that keep them intact and compliant along all stages of the product journey. Wine labels must endure every process and handling, from the factory line and freight truck to the store shelf and inspection by the customer. Label Solutions has the experience, technology, and compliance team to make sure every product complies with regulations.

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Label Solutions Is Here to Help

At Label Solutions, we understand the utmost importance you place on the quality of your wine and the integrity of your brand. Your customers are very discerning, and they have a lot of options. Let us show you how your custom wine label design can stand out from the rest. Contact us today to get started!