Label Solutions Explains Label Durability

Durable Labels: Is Your Label Tough Enough?

Have you witnessed the ink smear off a label once it gets wet? Have you had trouble reading your product labels because they fade quickly? If you’re a business owner or a production manager, the last thing you want is to spend time and money on labels that don’t work. You need durable labels that can withstand the necessary conditions. In today’s blog, Label Solutions explains label durability in detail.

What Makes Our Labels Durable?

The Substrates

First, the substrate impacts the label’s ability to endure the elements. Vinyl substrates are useful for outdoor durability and Polyesters for indoor durability. Label Solutions has the expertise to help you choose the best material to print your label on.   

The Adhesives

We specialize in gas cylinder labels with strong adhesives and durable materials to withstand any weather condition. Our clean-peel adhesive makes labels easy to remove and leaves behind no residue. Our sub-zero adhesives stay bonded even in the coldest temperatures, while all temperature labels remain secure in cold or hot temperatures. 

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What We Offer 

Tags on a Roll® Program 

At Label Solutions Inc., we offer our patented Tags on a Roll® labeling product, the perfect solution for quick and reliable labeling for indoor and outdoor applications. Tags on a Roll® labels are perfect for demanding applications, including welding materials, compressed gas, and medical applications. This durable product comes in two sizes for a variety of uses. Contact us today to learn more about Tags on a Roll®.

In-House Durability Testing

Label Solutions takes durability to the next level. Our in-house weather testing assures our customers that the labels they order are made to last. During a laboratory simulation, we replicate rain and dew through a condensation system to test the label’s durability. Also, we use UV lamps to simulate the damaging forces of the sun.


Our patented Cryoband® series allows you to customize your company name and logo on each label. This premium, durable product is designed to stay on your cylinder for many years. The Cryoband® label is abrasion resistant and doesn’t leave any glue behind after removal. 

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Maximum Durability at Label Solutions Inc

If your label needs to stand up to extreme environmental conditions, Label Solutions can help. If your label needs to be tough enough to combat corrosive chemicals and excessive handling, Label Solutions can help with that, too. Call (800) 299-9200 or request a quote for your durable labels.