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What Are Harsh Environment Labels and When Should You Use Them?

Posted on: Apr, 18, 2021

If there’s a label on a product, more than likely it’s there for a reason. It can alert of dangers like ingestion, inhalation and issues associated when mixing with other substances. It can direct us on how and when to use properly and what happens if used incorrectly.  Harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and […]

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Label Life is Limited. Label Solutions Explains

Posted on: Feb, 15, 2021

You need the right kinds of adhesive labels for your products. You also have to balance efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and longevity. Today’s blog from Label Solutions discusses why and how label life is limited. Related Post: Why Your Product Could Use a High-Temp Label  Type of Adhesive Label adhesives typically have a lifespan of 10 to […]

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What Can Winter Weather Do to Adhesive Labels?

Posted on: Jan, 23, 2021

Your products need labels that stay on and stay clear no matter what. Have you thought about what happens to labels in winter weather? Sure, they ship in a semi-trailer. But your products (or the labels) might endure frigid temperatures for several hours. What about large products, such as gas cylinders, that might also be […]

Various hazardous materials labels on many containers

Why Use Clean Peel Industrial Labels for Hazardous Chemicals?

Posted on: Nov, 11, 2020

Hazardous materials must meet specific labeling requirements for both storage and shipping. As such, you need the right kind of labels on your hazmat containers to ensure the label stands out, provides pertinent and easy-to-see information, and withstands all kinds of heavy-duty conditions. Today’s blog from Label Solutions explains why you should use our Clean […]

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How Humidity and Moisture Affect Adhesive Labels

Posted on: Jun, 7, 2020

Adhesive labels must achieve two missions. They must convey the right messaging, and they must remain durable on the substrate for as long as possible without degrading. In today’s blog from Label Solutions, we explain how humidity and moisture affect adhesive label performance. Related Post: Why Your Product Could Use a High-Temp Label Affixing Labels […]