How to Store Adhesive Labels Properly

At Label Solutions, we’ve intentionally designed our process to make sure your adhesive labels are the highest-quality product and that they are exactly what you want for your product. However, even after your labels leave our facility, we want to make sure you get the most out of them and you’re happy with their performance.

Properly storing your labels has a huge impact on their overall efficacy and performance. To ensure that your customer is satisfied when they receive your product, here’s how you can extend the shelf life of your labels and protect your investment.

Storage Tips for Adhesive Labels

  1. Avoid direct sunlight.

Continued exposure to UV rays will make your labels appear faded or discolored. To keep them looking fresh and new, shield them from direct sunlight by storing them in an opaque container. That way, they’ll look their best when you place them on your product.

  1. Maintain proper temperatures.

Extreme temperatures can prevent your labels from properly adhering to your product. To make sure they bond perfectly with every application, store them in a location that is about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing them in a location that is hotter or cooler than 72 degrees Fahrenheit will negatively affect the adhesive quality of your labels.

  1. Avoid moisture.

Humidity can also harm the adhesive on your labels, which can result in a poor application process. Your labels should be stored in a room with 50% relative humidity for maximum adhering performance.

  1. Prevent your adhesive labels from getting dusty.

If you use a label applicator machine to place your labels on your product, dust build-up can cause performance issues. You can prevent this by storing your labels inside a container or some other type of plastic bag. This type of storage solution will also keep your labels safe from moisture.

  1. Avoid storing your labels flat (like paper).

Storing labels flat on their faces can make them slide on the liner. Instead, always store labels standing vertically (with the hole facing up) or hang them on a rack.

Want More Advice on Getting the Most Out of Your Adhesive Labels?

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