How to Fix Common Problems With Your Adhesive Label Applicator

Excessive downtime spent troubleshooting production issues can cut into your profit and hinder your productivity. To help you get back up and running faster, here are some of the most common problems companies face with adhesive label applicators, and most importantly, how to solve them.

Problem #1: The label material has excessive die strikes.

Die strikes are one of the most common problems with automatic label application. A die strike is a specific part of the label production process that must be done correctly by the label manufacturer. Otherwise, you might end up with labels that don’t properly separate from the liner. It’s caused by adhesive (from the back of the label) getting into the lining.

Although all labels have die strikes, excessive die strikes are a quality control issue, and they will cause issues with automatic application. For example, the labels may not completely peel off the liner or they may jam the adhesive label applicator.

The solution: If your labels have excessive die strikes, you should consult with the label supplier. The supplier will need to correct their label production process to prevent these issues from occurring.

Problem #2: The label liner is peeling or curling.

If your liners are behaving like this and are refusing to cooperate with your adhesive label applicator, high temperatures and humidity might be the problem. If your production environment is very humid, your label liners may expand or curl, which can cause jams.

The solution: Store your labels in airtight plastic bags and on low shelves in your production facility (high shelves will be much warmer). You should also store your labels standing up with the hole facing vertically or hang them on a rack. This will keep the labels from sliding on the liner.

Problem #3: Loose or wrinkling labels.

If your labels are applying smoothly, it may not be an issue with your adhesive label applicator. Instead, it is likely a problem with your container. Very small irregularities in your containers could be the cause of your labels not sticking properly due to an inconsistent shape. 

The solution: You may need to shop for a new container supplier that provides higher-quality packaging. You may also want to talk to your label supplier to ensure that you’re purchasing the right type of label materials for your packaging.

Avoid Some Adhesive Label Applicator Issues With High-Quality Labels

Too often, common problems with label applicators stem from poor-quality labels. Label Solutions offers the highest-quality labels for a variety of industries and needs. Contact us today to find out how we can create the perfect labels for your product.