Why You Need Sharp Graphics on Custom Labels

A well-written custom label allows you to engage customers with your message and branding. Your label can also provide important instructions or warnings for customers, businesses, and regulatory agencies. However, a great label requires more than just words and text. In today’s blog from Label Solutions, we explain the benefits of sharp graphics on custom labels.

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Better Visuals

Graphics on custom labels create better visuals. Your products stand out with intelligent and creative graphic design elements. Consider developing a branded color palette and font portfolio for your business. This will ensure that every product and promotional material is complementary and cohesive. 

Warning and instructions labels need sharp graphics to draw attention and communicate clearly. A custom label with a large flame on it instantly lets someone know there’s a fire hazard. There’s no question of what the label is trying to convey.

Instant Communication

Excellent graphics on custom labels communicate what else is on the label or in the container with just a glance. A bottle of mayo looks white, but a graphic with a sandwich on it denotes the product without looking closely at the label. Supplements are the same way: consider a nutraceutical that supplies vitamin A. 

In the vitamin A label design, you might include a branded orange carrot graphic to intuitively communicate what nutrient is in the bottle. That particular color orange might be a part of your branded color palette, and is reinforced when used elsewhere in the design.

Warning or instruction graphic design elements can help to communicate clearly and quickly. A broken glass graphic denotes something fragile is on the inside. A hazard graphic with a man trying to lift a large parcel denotes the object is heavy and needs special treatment. Graphics make these warnings stand out on a box, container, or apparatus.

Brand Identity

Custom labels give you distinct advantages in product sales. If all things are equal with a rival product, a great graphic design on your label makes you stand out from the competition. Suppose your wine bottle looks exactly like a competitor’s. Even the text uses the same font. However, your label has a distinct graphic that showcases the name of your brand. Better brand identity expands your customer base, wins new customers, and improves your market share.

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