Adhesive Labels Saving Lives With Efficient Time to Market & COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about our modern society, from how we interact with each other to product purchasing patterns. Label printers also had to adapt, as time to market, efficient production, digital designs, and working remotely with customers all became necessary. 

Most importantly, adhesive labels can save lives during the coronavirus pandemic. Label Solutions explains how. 

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Safety Labels

Adhesive labels go beyond the ones you see on products. What about signage throughout an office, store, or industrial facility? Custom labels for floor signage or signs affixed to shelves and doors can instruct customers and employees what’s going on or what to do. For example, you see safety labels at your workplace all of the time. 

What happens when you notice new safety labels posted around the office? You stop and look at them. New signage may say to maintain social distancing, wear a face covering, or take note of where the hand sanitizer is located. All of these things can save lives by stopping the spread of the infectious coronavirus.

Vinyl represents an excellent choice when you need long-lasting, durable labels. 

Compliant Product Labels

Product labels must comply with federal regulations, especially when it comes to ingredients, warnings, and the purpose of your product. Hand sanitizer, nutraceuticals for immune support, oxygen canisters, and disinfectants must all have the right verbiage so they’re used properly for best results. 

When your customers use your products the right way, based on the label’s detailed instructions, it can save lives. For example, instructions for using an oxygen tank are clearly marked for someone needing a boost for their lungs while undergoing treatment for COVID-19. Disinfectants must be used properly to kill germs on surfaces, which doesn’t happen without clear instructions on a product label.

Simple Stickers

Schools have had to change their learning models for the 2020-21 academic year. Simple stickers in a classroom tell students how to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, and wear masks. Stickers come in a variety of colors, fun images, and cool verbiage. Label printing companies like Label Solutions can create vibrant stickers for your school to teach students how to take care of themselves and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Digital Printing & Time to Market

The main key to efficient time to market in response to COVID-19 adhesive labels is digital printing services. Label Solutions has a graphic design team that can send you designs through a secure, online system. Then our quick printer can take digital designs and run up to 80 labels a minute. We’ll improve your time to market with our printing process.

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Lifesaving Adhesive Labels by Label Solutions

Does your company need adhesive labels in response to COVID-19? Contact Label Solutions online or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 to partner with us for your next production run.