Craft Beer Canning and the Factors of Success

The craft beer industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. From India Pale Ales to the Imperial Porter and the Blonde Ale, there are never-ending varieties of craft beer styles. As microbreweries continue to reinvent beer, industry experts expect the craft beer trend to remain consistent in the coming years.

Are you a selective drinker? Do you enjoy exploring many types of craft beer? If so, you will enjoy this blog post from Label Solutions, Inc. Today, we outline successful product labeling for craft beer, including two success stories and the factors that we can deliver for you.

Beer Label Success Story #1: Springfield Brewing Company

The secret recipe of Springfield Brewing Company’s labeling success has been their transition to pressure-sensitive labels to expand their craft beer production. Before, the brewery used cut-and-stack, glue-applied paper labels which created operational headaches.

The switch to pressure-sensitive film labels enabled the company to improve the branding appeal of its craft beer, even as they continue to offer an ever-expanding catalog of products. The new labels also allowed for immediate chilling of bottles and increased their operational speeds and reliability. The pressure-sensitive labels did not rip, peel or wrinkle, holding up to temperature and moisture requirements that the old glue-applied labels could not handle.

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Beer Label Success Story #2: Mother’s Brewing Company

The Label Solutions value chain supports local craft breweries like Mother’s Brewing Company. Small breweries face a packaging dilemma: do they sell bottles or cans? Bottling and canning have different benefits. Many breweries have turned to cans for packaging because they enhance consumer appeal and maintain product quality by keeping beverages colder and fresher. Cans are also easy to hold and carry.

More than 2,000 craft beers are currently being canned in the U.S., and we have just started to list the advantages of canned beer. Cans are appealing because you can recycle them more than bottles and they don’t break easily, which reduces the risk of product loss. Companies can also drive business by using digital printing to generate high-quality labels on demand.

Mother Road Mobile Canning

With beer cans, companies can streamline operations, including sustainability and mobile canning. Mobile canning provides cost-effective on-site packaging for companies and is perfect for new product releases. While breweries sometimes have to wait weeks for pre-printed cans, they can immediately get to work when mobile canners provide door-to-door service. Mother’s Brewing Company used mobile canning and pressure-sensitive film labels for its 2016 Backyard Beers series.

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How Label Solutions, Inc Can Help

Label Solutions is a diverse label manufacturer with full-service printing and design capabilities for our growing list of customers across the U.S. There is an open door for any brewery who wants to succeed, whether that success comes from mobile canning, pressure-sensitive film labels, or both. One-of-a-kind brews need a clean, cost-effective label that mirrors your passion and creativity. Let Label Solutions help serve you with a high-quality label that can handle the wet environment of canning.

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Contact Your Beer Label Solution Today

If you are ready to earn a new label as a leader in the craft beer industry, we want to work with you. At Label Solutions, we bring more than 25 years of experience to our custom beer labels on cans and bottles. Contact us today or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 to discover the valuable resources we can provide to help your brewery succeed.