Why Use Clean Peel Industrial Labels for Hazardous Chemicals?

Hazardous materials must meet specific labeling requirements for both storage and shipping. As such, you need the right kind of labels on your hazmat containers to ensure the label stands out, provides pertinent and easy-to-see information, and withstands all kinds of heavy-duty conditions. Today’s blog from Label Solutions explains why you should use our Clean Peel industrial labels for hazardous chemicals.

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A Container’s Contents May Change

Containers for hazardous materials are reusable in many instances, such as those for petroleum, compressed gas, and waste materials. The contents of the containers may change over a lifetime of use. Clean Peel industrial labels don’t leave behind a sticky residue when you peel them off. Rather than put a new label on top of the old one, simply peel off the old one and replace it in seconds.

Mistaken Identity

What if you have an old label underneath a new one, but the new one wears off? The old label may have the wrong date, materials, or warning instructions on it. A case of mistaken identity for what hazardous material is inside the container creates a disaster waiting to happen. Clean Peel industrial labels prevent this problem from happening.

Sticky Residue Creates Build-Up

Peeling off traditional labels creates a sticky build-up. Once you peel off a sticker and leave the spot blank, over time a sticky mess of dirt, grease, dust, and grime will build up on the spot where the sticker was. Now you’ll have to clean that gunk off before you re-use the hazmat container.  Clean Peel industrial labels by Label Solutions keep your containers cleaner over time. No special washing required. 

Plus, if something builds up on the outside that’s flammable (like oil or gasoline), that creates a whole new set of problems for your hazardous waste handling.

Lot Codes

Reusable hazardous materials containers often come in lots. For example, one label says it’s “Canister 11 out of 35” in a particular shipment, and the lot code and barcode match that number. What if the lot codes change when you refill the containers? The materials may be the same as they were before, but the lot codes are different because you’re shipping these containers to a different customer. Clean Peel by Label Solutions makes it easy to change lot codes on your containers.

Empty Cylinders

Once a compressed gas cylinder is empty, it no longer contains the hazardous material. Easily remove the Clean Peel industrial label to show the container is inert. There should be no question whether your old CGC still has material in it.

Reduces Labor Costs

Clean Peel industrial labels come off in mere seconds. There’s no endless peeling or tiny bits of paper that take forever to get off. Nor do you need acetone to remove the sticky residue from your container. Simply peel the label off and put another one on in seconds. You save on labor costs over time. 

Hypothetical Scenario 

Let’s say you need to remove labels on 120 compressed gas cylinders containing medical oxygen. You’ve got high demand for these containers due to increased needs at hospitals all over the world. 

If it takes 30 seconds to remove each industrial label and put a new one on, changing 120 labels will take one hour. If your employee earns $30 per hour, you will spend $30 to pay that employee for this task. Performing the task every week will cost roughly $1,500 per year.

Suppose other labels take 90 seconds to remove. For 120 labels, that’s $90 spent on labor for the task. Performing the task every week will cost roughly $4,500 per year — substantially more for labels that come off in 90 seconds versus 30 seconds. 

How could that $3,000 benefit your company? Investing in a new machine? New computer software? Advertising and marketing? Profits?

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Clean Peel Industrial Labels by Label Solutions

This is just a hypothetical situation. Your actual results may vary, but you see the point. Clean Peel industrial labels can save your company time, effort, money, and resources. Contact Label Solutions or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 for more info on our Clean Peel industrial labels.