Regulatory Compliance for Different Industries

Regulatory Compliance Bodies and Industries

Regulatory compliance is a critical part of successfully marketing a product in accordance with the laws and standards of your industry. In general, regulatory compliance means abiding by relevant policies, laws, and standards, to avoid civil and criminal penalties. It’s essential for your company to meet those standards and maintain regulatory compliance to achieve long-term success. In today’s blog post, the team at Label Solutions discusses the different regulatory bodies and the industries they interface with.

Compliance Assistance at Label Solutions  

Label Solutions offers compliance assistance and compliance proofing for our customers. We provide personalized compliance advising based on the different state, federal, and industry regulations that apply to our customers’ products. Just call our customer service department at 800-299-9200. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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At Label Solutions, Inc., we work with our customers to meet their specific regulatory compliance needs. Here are the primary compliance areas we serve:

Compressed Gas Regulatory Compliance

Label Solutions is the leader in the compressed gas cylinder industry. We’re members of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and we’re a voting member of CGA’s Hazard Communication Committee. The compressed gas industry, along with other industries, is subject to regulation by the following compliance organizations: Department of Transportation (DOT), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Global Harmony System (GHS), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), among others. Label Solutions is here to help with in-house compliance assistance in many industries so your labels will always comply with these regulatory organizations.

Cannabis/CBD Regulatory Compliance

CBD regulations are just now emerging online, and every state is different. Label Solutions is tracking the new rules, and we can assist customers to research and comply with emerging federal and state laws that apply to their products.   

UL Portfolio

We also have a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) portfolio of approved labeling materials based on UL 969, which references standards for labeling systems. The standard pertains to laminates, printing inks, unprinted label materials, and also select printing processes. Items delivered under this criterion are pre-qualified and tested for durability by UL. Label Solutions maintains a portfolio of UL approved materials and inks to make labels that are UL compliant and a perfect fit for the product application needs.

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Contact Label Solutions for More Information

Label Solutions serves businesses across the country with cutting-edge designs, fast printing, and vivid colors. We make sure you meet regulatory compliance requirements, and our labels match your specific graphics and dimensions. For more information, contact us today or call 1(800) 299-9200. We’re here to help you!