How to Properly Label Your CBD Products

When you want to make the most of your CBD product sales, product labeling that looks great and complies with regulation is critical. Your product label must look clear and remain in compliance from the moment your product comes off the factory line to when your customers buy it. Label Solutions has the experience and technology to create excellent CBD product labels for both appearance and regulatory compliance. Read on to learn the details.

FDA Requirements

Regulatory compliance with the FDA remains the hallmark of every CBD product label. If your product doesn’t comply with regulations, it doesn’t matter how great the design or the product is, because it will never make it to the shelf. The CBD regulatory climate changes rapidly, so it’s essential to work with an experienced partner who understands the industry and can cover all the bases.

Discover several recommendations to help keep your products in compliance:

  • Avoid making claims about the health benefits of your CBD product labels, including but not limited to treating illnesses or curing medical conditions.
  • Include information about what particular parts of the hemp plant are used in the CBD product. Is this product derived from hemp seeds? Is it a pressed hemp oil? This information should be available to both consumers and regulators.
  • Units of measurement matter on a CBD product label. Your product must accurately note the net weight or volume, the number of capsules, the net weight or volume of each capsule, and any other applicable information.
  • Maintain FDA compliance for both food and supplement packaging requirements. In an uncertain regulatory climate, it’s vital to include as much information as necessary. Label Solutions has been serving clients in both food and supplement markets for decades, and we arrived early to the CBD market as well.

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Correct Materials and Adhesives

Correct materials and adhesives for your CBD product labels are just as important as regulatory compliance. Even if your compliance is perfect, you can still get into regulatory trouble if your label doesn’t hold up during shipping and on the shelf. What happens if a label falls off or becomes unreadable before a customer buys it? That product becomes unsellable, and you waste it.

Depending on the product you’re selling, there will be a particular profile of materials and adhesives that will work for your situation. Our team bases the correct materials for the CBD product label on the design decisions you want for the label.

Clean-Peel labels? No problem. An oil-soluble product that often ends up on the label surface? No problem. Moisture and heat resistance because customers use the product in the shower? No problem.

Label Solutions can handle whatever demanding conditions your product requires. Our labels look great and stay intact. Your product will remain appealing to customers and compliant with regulations, from the factory line to the freight truck to the customer’s shopping cart.

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Your Solution for CBD Product Labeling

Label Solutions is your solution for custom label design in the CBD industry. We have the experience and technology to create the perfect label for your products. Our extensive portfolio of materials and adhesives works for every application, and we have an in-house custom label design studio to make the exact label design you want. Reach out to the Label Solutions team to find out more!