8 Mistakes Blog Series – Mistake #2: Applying Product Labels Incorrectly

Label Solutions, Inc. helps businesses who experience challenges with their current labels or label providers. Many business owners make small mistakes as they are planning their product labels and packaging. The Label Solutions team wants to address these errors so that you can prevent obstacles and reach maximum productivity.

Today, we cover Mistake #2: Applying Labels Incorrectly to Your Products. Continue to follow our blog for each installment in this 8-part series!

Consequences of Unevenly Applied Labels

Whether the label is applied to the product surface by hand or automatically with a label applicator, the label itself may not be applied level or evenly. Besides this being a major branding issue, this could also affect how the barcodes are scanned and could eventually impact your delivery times while trying to correct a batch.

Best Method Approach

There are construction alternatives that you can select to potentially reduce the impact of incorrect label application. For example, products with certain label adhesives allow your production team to reposition the label within a few minutes before the tack completely sets to the surface. The type of surface (cardboard, metal, plastic, glass, etc.) and the type of adhesive will determine how much time your production team will have before the tack sets.

Apply Labels First

A good example of this best practice can be seen in the beverage market. Whether the client produces a uniquely crafted beer or a rare ingredient infused into a new health drink, labels that are auto-applied to bottles and cans will sometimes experience equipment tension issues that need to be recalibrated. Once labels are applied off-alignment, a delayed tack setting can allow the label to be quickly repositioned by hand when needed. The best practice is to apply labels prior to filling the bottles and cans, instead of filling first and then applying the label to your production line. This is because excess spillage from filling can interfere with most adhesives.

Reposition the Adhesive

This same repositionable adhesive is excellent for large equipment production assembly lines that apply prime (branding) labels and warning labels by hand. Even with large wide-format labels, the adhesive tack can be formulated so your employees have a few minutes to adjust, straighten, and smooth away trapped air bubbles once it has been placed on the surface. This option can help reduce label inventory waste and additional production material wastes, as well as avoid delaying production time. More importantly, this option keeps your brand and your warning/instructional labels looking fresh.

Contact Us For Your Beverage Labels

Label Solutions, Inc. understands the importance of applying labels correctly. Whether you own a supermarket, a brewery, or a manufacturing facility, we can offer you a solution. We produce a variety of first-rate food and beverage labels at a competitive price. For more information about our services, contact us online or call 1-800-299-9200 today.

Stay tuned and check out the next installment in our 8-part blog series, Mistake #3: Not Sharing Your Production Schedules With Your Label Provider.

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