Label Solutions Compares Vinyl and BOPP Labels

Vinyl and BOPP labels are popular choices at Label Solutions, and it’s easy to see why. Both materials are durable, and they give you a beautiful look when colorful logos and print appear on them. Today’s blog from Label Solutions compares vinyl and BOPP labels as you decide which one is better for you.

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Both vinyl labels and BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) labels are durable, but for different reasons. These materials create a permanent bond, which makes them perfect for sticking to disposable materials, such as paper, cardboard, and thin plastic. However, vinyl is better in extremely cold environments and is much better for outdoor storage. BOPP works well for food labeling when you have refrigerated items.


Clear BOPP labels are the clear winner when you want a label that appears see-through. This material lets you design labels that complement or contrast the material behind it. For example, you have a clear label that showcases the texture of your premium apple pies behind a white text that stands out from the natural background of the top crust. BOPP also comes in white. Vinyl labels simply can’t do this because of the way the material is made.

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Moisture Resistance

White and clear BOPP labels offer excellent moisture resistance. Consider BOPP labels for meat and sausage processing, cheese and dairy, jams and jellies, wines and beverages, as well as dressings, sauces, and marinades. Vinyl also has very good moisture resistance, but it does better in frigid applications such as frozen foods that sit in temperatures below zero for extended periods of time.


Vinyl labels are more rigid and thick than BOPP labels, so you should steer clear of vinyl if you have curved containers. Vinyl also works better for larger containers. There’s a rubber-like smell when it comes to vinyl, so make sure you put it on carton containers rather than individual, smaller packages.

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Label Solutions for BOPP and Vinyl Labels

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