Social Distancing Floor Signage in the Workplace

Social Distancing Floor Signage

When considering floor signage placement and quantities throughout your facilities, it’s a good idea to understand what the type of floor surface, foot traffic, cleaning frequency, and industrial equipment traffic will be on them long-term. 

One of the latest trends for businesses today is social distancing floor signage for their offices, warehouses, production plants, and point-of-sale locations for their customers. Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) departments rely on these signs and can manage their placement.

As you begin to consider what social distancing floor signage you need for your department(s), the quality of the material can be just as important as the messaging or branding you decide for your floor signage.  

Discover some key points to factor when selecting floor signage for your business:

1. What type of surfaces do you plan to adhere to the signage? Meaning, do you just need social distancing floor signage to be applied on carpet for your offices? Or do you have a warehouse where there is heavy fork-lift traffic and the facility’s cement floors require disinfectant chemical cleaning each day or week? Different substrates require different label adhesives and materials so they can last as long as you need them. You also have to balance the fact that eventually you may need to remove the labels.

2. If your locations need social distancing floor signage to be replaced monthly or every quarter, work with your label provider so they offer optional pricing for the rest of 2020. If you don’t need additional signage for the rest of the year, then just buy whatever quantities you need. But if you know ahead of time that your company culture has changed to accommodate for long-term floor signage messaging going forward, then remember to take advantage of the higher-quantity pricing discount.

3. If you replace floor signage very frequently, such as in healthcare facilities or food production plants, you might consider selecting durable 12-inch labels on a roll instead of ordering individually cut and packaged wide-format labels. Another option might be to avoid floor signage altogether and consider hanging banners from the ceiling. If your facility already has good overhead lighting, hanging banners can be useful reminders for your employees.

4. Now that the social distancing floor signage has quickly come into high demand, keep in mind that similar companies to yours will need those same solutions. Be sure to work with your label supplier so they can help you pre-plan and order in advance as you implement your project.

5. How important is your social distancing floor signage? Compare the importance of reminding your employees’ behavior versus keeping a fresh new look at your point-of-sale locations for your customers. Or is safety the most critical factor where your employees or customers need directional arrows, 6-foot distancing reminders, and “wait here” signage? Trending for these needs seem to vary not just between industries, but also with urban versus rural activity.

For additional information about ordering your labels or social distancing floor signage this year, here’s a link to an article about Best Practices for Supply Chain Disruption.  Although this article may seem like a product label article for the pharma industry, it was actually written as a general article that can be applied to most businesses.


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