What Is IWDC? Why Is Label Solutions a Member of This Organization?

Label Solutions is a proud member of the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC). Why do we value this relationship? We explain in today’s blog.

History of the IWDC

Back in 1948, two enterprising individuals sent letters to 40 independent welding distributors on the West Coast. A total of 15 companies joined the Independent Welding Distributors Association (I.W.D.A.) in 1948 in Nevada as a way to control costs and make their work more effective and able to compete with larger companies with more resources.

What Is the IWDC?

Members support the IWDC for purchasing and marketing. The idea here is that buying in bulk leads to lower costs for independent welders in the United States. This allows our members to compete with larger companies and chains that have greater purchasing power. Label Solutions fully supports this initiative, as we value relationships with welders of any size who need compressed gas cylinder labels.

The IWDC has more than 800 members with $2.9 billion worth of retail sales. The organization fosters over 180 vendor agreements so independent welders can buy the supplies they need at lower costs.

Warehouse Program

One beauty of IWDC is the warehouse program. The organization owns two distribution centers from which members can buy items they need, whether your company needs compressed gas cylinders and gases or welding wire and new torches.

Where Label Solutions Comes In

Label Solutions specializes in compressed gas cylinder labels. We are proud to work with IWDC members that manufacture these cylinders to give them the best prices possible while maintaining quality. We have proprietary labels, like our Tag on a Roll or Clean-Peel systems, that make managing your cylinders easier while complying with federal regulations. We also pride ourselves on having valuable relationships with fellow IWDC vendors and members.

Label Solutions Can Help IWDC Members 

Do you need quality, compliant labels for your compressed gas cylinders? We offer competitive pricing on compressed gas cylinder labels for IWDC members and can produce labels as needed to fit your requirements. Need fast turnaround times? We can expedite printing, too.  Contact Label Solutions online or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 to partner with us for your next production run.

Did You Enjoy IWDC This Year? Label Solutions Recaps the Trade Show

Did you see Label Solutions at IWDC 2021 this year? Kathy and Amanda met a lot of you at Booth 34 (right in between John Tillman and Sonoco). Label Solutions recaps the 2021 version of the IWDC Sales and Purchasing show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas at this magic-themed convention.

Opening Reception

The opening reception was fantastic at the lovely MGM Grand. We mingled with the best of the best of the IWDC world! We were proud to join 25 other vendors on the show floor the next day. Thank you to all of the sponsors for such a lovely evening.

Workshops & Presentations

In addition to meeting everyone, the workshops and presentations were outstanding. 

The IWDC warehouse program continues to be a vital part of the welding industry. We got to hear exactly what’s coming next and how we can help your warehousing needs with time-sensitive label solutions.

We also got to see some new products from ESAB and Weldmark that could be revolutionizing automated plasma systems for decades to come. 

The independent owners talked about the pressing issues of their day, including how to move forward after the COVID-19 pandemic eases.

Magical Time

It was always fun to run into Alex Ramon, who was walking through the show and performing some of his signature sleight-of-hand tricks. He’s just as great up close and in person as he is on stage! Thank you for your ability to work a crowd!

Building Relationships

The most important aspect of the IWDC Sales & Purchasing convention centers on the relationships we made at the show. We value each and every one of you, and we’ll deliver on your compressed gas cylinders labels as best as we can.

How Can Label Solutions Help You?

Label Solutions is a proud member of IWDC, and we take pride in our innovative compressed gas cylinder labels that comply with federal regulations and help your welding company. We showcased our Tags on a Roll labels at IWDC 2021 this year!

Need more information? Contact Label Solutions today, and we’ll get back to you!