What Are Harsh Environment Labels and When Should You Use Them?

If there’s a label on a product, more than likely it’s there for a reason. It can alert of dangers like ingestion, inhalation and issues associated when mixing with other substances. It can direct us on how and when to use properly and what happens if used incorrectly. 

Harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and prolonged exposure to the sun can make product or equipment labels fade, peel and crack. When it comes time to use your item, you may be unable to read the ingredients or instructions. This can lead to dangerous exposure or misuse. In today’s blog post from Label Solutions, we will explore the reasons why harsh environment labels are needed and how they are applied. 

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If you work in extreme temperatures, subzero to below 30 degrees, labels can take a beating. If the right adhesive isn’t applied, the label won’t adhere to the product. If the correct label and adhesive isn’t used, the label can break down faster. In either case, the likelihood of the label not keeping its integrity is reduced. When this happens, the chance of choosing the wrong product for the wrong application can be dangerous, even deadly. The same can be said for equipment warnings and mishandling. 

Label Solutions has been working with industry professionals for years  to understand the issues equipment and products go through under extreme or harsh conditions and alleviate the chance of misuse. We have developed labels proven to withstand even the harshest of conditions. 

The Right Adhesive 

One defense against labels falling or peeling off is using the correct adhesive. This is true when using abrasive chemical compounds, but also when using in harsh environments where moisture can be the number one culprit to label breakdown. 

Warning labels in medical or industrial industries may need a stronger adhesive than a food label. Label Solutions offers two different kinds of labels for some harsh environments with strong adhesives. We refer to them as white BOPP and clear BOPP. 

White BOPP is a white polypropylene film that has been proven not only to resist moisture, but also endure extreme conditions. Adhesives can stick to many different surfaces.  

Clear BOPP goes on and stays clear. Like white BOPP labels, they adhere well to many different services and carry a strong resistance to moisture and extreme conditions. Clear BOPP labels show the surface behind it.

Which you choose depends upon the overall look you need. If you’re unsure, contact the label specialists at Label Solutions. 

Choosing a Label for Your Needs 

Once you’ve identified what kind of label you need for your harsh environment, the next step is choosing how you want them to be printed.  

Label Solutions offers three types of labels. They come in rolls or single sheets and can be made with either the white or clear BOPP.

Our labels not only reduce human error when applying, but because of their proven endurance in harsh or extreme environments, they will last longer than traditional labels. 

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Harsh Environment Labels by Label Solutions

The experts at Label Solutions can help you pick out the right type of label for your products. Contact Label Solutions online or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 to partner with us for your next production run.