How Fast Can We Print Labels? Label Solutions Answers

Digital printing services can reduce your time to market with fast, quality printing. Label Solutions can get your labels to you fast. How fast? We explain in today’s blog.

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Mark Andy Digital Series

The Mark Andy Digital Series is part of a line of fantastic label printers. At 240 feet per minute, this printer does well for long runs with digital printing. A production run with the Mark Andy digital printer creates three labels per foot and 3,000 labels can be completed in just over four minutes.

Mark Andy Evolution Series

We recently purchased a brand-new flexographic printer in the Mark Andy Evolution Series. It can print up to 750 feet per minute (three times as fast as the other Mark Andy printer) for food packaging labels, cosmetics labels, and so much more. The reason for the speed comes from the format of the labels. 

Flexographic printers use sturdy, flexible materials that easily wind into rolls. The rolls and the sturdy label material allow for very fast printing. That same run of 3,000 labels gets done in 1.5 minutes instead of four minutes, if flexographic labels are required for your products.

You Need Labels Fast

Label Solutions understands you need labels fast. We can accommodate you and your exacting requirements with digital printing services. Our team of graphic designers works with you to create a highly visual label that touts your brand and your products.

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Digital Printing Services by Label Solutions

Our digital printing services improve your time to market, so you can get your products in the hands of customers faster. Contact Label Solutions online or call toll-free 1-800-299-9200 for more information. We’ll determine the best course of action for your product label runs, work with your team, and create some world-class labels!