8 Mistakes Blog Series – Mistake #8: Not Properly Testing New Labels and New Product Surfaces

At Label Solutions, Inc., we make the success of your business our first priority. We’re here to pinpoint some common mistakes made by business owners and provide advice on choosing the best methods for managing your product labels. Today on the Label Solutions blog, we cover the final installment of our 8-part series: Not Properly Testing New Labels and New Product Surfaces.

Testing the Label Is Important

Not testing new labels properly is one of the most common and overlooked issues. Whenever one of our clients launch a new product or changes the intended surface conditions for label application, testing the label is always extremely important. This is especially critical when dealing with high quantity orders.

Best Method Approach

Testing parameters should be outlined by you and your label provider so both parties understand how long the label and the ink consistency should remain on the surface after purchase and use of the product. There are wide variations of testing, so it will depend on the type of product and the intended industry.

For example, testing hand-applied durable labels on powder-coated metals for the boat and trailer industry requires a completely different testing method compared to tests for typical food and beverage products that are machine applied. Usually, with uniform container products like food clamshell packaging, beverage cans, and supplement jars, all you will need to do is make sure to test labels on your production line, so your team is confident with the results.

In summary, preventing just one of these mistakes can be huge cost savings no matter if your company is a start-up or a large corporation. Even if these eight common mistakes do not directly apply to your own issues, hopefully, the “Best Methods” approach will give your company ideas about how you can prepare for future product releases, reduce product label issues, and improve your own quality control metrics.

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Label Solutions, Inc. Can Help

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