8 Mistakes Blog Series – Mistake #7: Not Preparing for Oil Based Products

More states have legalized the use of marijuana. As a result, a product known as CBD oil has grown in popularity. While different industries use CBD oil for many health-related purposes, business owners must be cautious when dealing with oil-based products.

As a supplier of custom product labels for oil-based goods, Label Solutions is here to share our industry knowledge to help your business succeed. Today, our team addresses mistake #7 of the 8-part blog series, which is not preparing for oil-based products.

The Effect of Oil on Paper and Ink

One of the most popular products expected in retail for 2019 will be essential oils and or CBD infused oil ingredients in foods, drinks, and wellness supplements. One of the most common mistakes relating to oil-based products is that entrepreneurs often forget that oils can soak into paper substrates and or disperse certain inks, even when laminated.

Perceived as Cheap or Unprofessional

Whether your product is on display in retail, or being sampled at a trade show, the last thing you want to be concerned about is your product name and contact information smearing or washing out. Even the smallest drop of oil can seep into a paper label and spread the ink to the point that you’ll have your little tie-dye action on the label. That might look cool to some, but you lose your branding, and the perception with most retail customers will be that your company is either cheap or is not professional.

Best Method Approach

There are affordable films such as polypropylene materials that will allow you to print the look you want while still protecting your branding and product. From cooking oils to industrial grade oils, the approach is the same but may require different types of films and ink solubility, so each bottle and container has oil resistant labels that maintain a professional look.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that you don’t need to select all the label materials on your own. Your label provider should help you settle on the best solution.

Get Your CBD Labels from Label Solutions

If your business needs high-quality labels to market your cannabis and hemp products, Label Solutions is prepared to deliver outstanding results. We have developed CBD labels that withstand oil leakage and temperature fluctuation, so your product labeling will look sharp and function at its peak performance. Contact the team at Label Solutions to discover the amazing possibilities for your product.