8 Mistakes Blog Series – Mistake #4: Not Accepting Alternative Sizes of the Label to Allow for Better Pricing

If you are a business owner experiencing challenges with your labels or label providers, Label Solutions, Inc. is here to help. Many business owners often make mistakes when they are planning their product labels and packaging. We have identified these mistakes to help you avoid them and achieve success.

Today, we explain Mistake #4: Not Accepting Alternative Sizes of the Label to Allow for Better Pricing. Stay tuned for more blog posts as we continue this 8-part series!

Find Better Price Points

If your product needs a label with a dimension of 5.25 X 6.75 inches, for example, there might be a better price point offered to you by switching to a slightly different dimension label of, say, 5 X 7 inches. Obviously, you need to make sure the new dimension would fit your product(s) and work with your production line. But, if alternate dimensions are within the scope of the project, a modified SKU could potentially cut down on cost and production time.

Best Method Approach

You might not have the time or ability to change your label if you already market that product in retail stores. But, if you are changing your branding, creating a new label style, or releasing an entirely new product, this is the ideal time to consider implementing better continuity between your products. This could include elements such as matching colors and label/packaging design.

Combine Multiple Products

In addition to updating your SKU's, this might also be an opportunity for your company to consolidate multiple products onto a universal label size. By applying the same sized labels to multiple SKU's, you can increase efficiency regarding repeated label orders, especially for label printers that use digital printers. Combine this approach with your expected annual quantity estimates and you'll be positioned for very efficient ordering options as your company grows.

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