Fire Protection

Fire Protection with Fire Extinguisher Labels

Create the branded labels you need for all of your portable fire extinguisher products

Label Solutions specializes in regulatory-compliant product labeling for commercial grade Fire Extinguisher manufacturers, distributors, and certified refurbishing centers in North America. We offer fast turnaround, free advisory services, and dedicated live-team support to deliver the labels your business needs. Our supported Fuel Type categories include:

A Carbon Combustibles (e.g. wood, paper, cloth)
B Flammable liquids and gases (e.g. gasoline, propane, solvents)
C Energized equipment (e.g. transformers, computers, heaters)
D Metal and metal alloy combustibles
K Cooking oils and fats

As the leader in the Compressed Gas Cylinder industry, Label Solutions leverages our material/surface testing expertise and volume buying power to ensure your label project is effective and affordable. Our technology ensures your brand and instructions remain clearly legible on your products for the full duration of the products' warranty period. Most importantly, we work with your team to deliver fully compliant fire extinguisher labels.

Types of Fire Extinguisher label templates available:

  • Your brand, logo and contact information
    (in-house graphics design services available)
  • Face Plate – UL Rated
  • Fuel Type
  • Instructional Use
  • Inspection Tags
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Custom Ad/Promo/Reminder labels and tags

Label Solutions is your One-Stop destination for tag & label needs!

Inspection Tags

Maintenance & Hydrostatic Testing

Emergency Lighting Test Record

Fire Protection AppliKit™

NEW! This product is designed specifically for distributors seeking to minimize label handling during extinguisher inspection and refill. Tell us what labels you need per extinguisher area, and we'll create your own branded Applikit with your logo. You can either attach the labels at your facility, or apply on-premise at your customer's site. Design your Applikit™ labels for hole-punch or for marking with a pen. AppliKit™ improves handling efficiencies in the field, and delivers labels that are fast, simple, and easy to apply.

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