OSHA has hired at least 400 new inspectors for enforcement of this provision. Failure to comply could carry a hefty fine. OSHA has been more aggressive in issuing repeat citations with fines up to $70,000 per violation. Each improperly labeled cylinder equals one violation, so the fines can add up quickly.

As part of GHS, the format for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is also changing. A specific format must now be followed. This format mandates you add specific information. If the SDS is not filled out correctly, fines could add up very quickly, on top of being fined for improperly labeled products. While there will be some initial cost to making these changes, they are minimal compared to the fines that could incur because of non-compliance.

Label Solutions can help with all compliance aspects of GHS. We have an on-site, professionally trained Regulatory Specialist to assist in proper pictogram and language on your labels and SDS. Our trained specialist has a comprehensive understanding of the new regulations and is here to assist you with your questions or concerns.