About Us

Label Solutions, a diverse label manufacturer in southwest Missouri, offers full service design and print capabilities for pressure sensitive labels to a growing list of customers across the United States. We have been in business for over 28 years and have developed an impressive portfolio of proprietary stocks, inks and adhesives along with leading edge print design, process and technology solutions to give our customers a competitive edge in their markets. We are far more than a label printer.

In 1993 we formed and executed a successful strategy to be the experts in the labeling of compressed gas cylinders. We have become the leading benchmark as North America’s largest provider of cylinder labels to the welding, medical and specialty gas industries.

We recently revised our strategic plan and are expanding our product offerings to lend our expertise to propane, fire protection, food, beverage, and home health care compliance in addition to industrial applications and labeling equipment distribution.

Label Solutions understands regulatory issues and has extensive Regulatory expertise in:


It is our privilege to service all of our customer label needs with a creative and innovative process that helps brand their message and keep their labels in compliance.

Label Solutions is a “Solution” based company.  We provide many of our customers with solutions by integrating our services, knowledge and products.  We look at each customer’s specific challenges and work toward their specific needs.  We understand each customer may have slightly different needs and constraints.  A single product may not always serve all.

Vision Statement:

Label Solutions will be known as an Industry Expert and the preferred vendor to our markets.

Mission Statement:

We will be the Premier Label Provider for our chosen markets. We will utilize our industry experience and regulatory knowledge to offer unique products and value add solutions. We will contribute to our customer’s success and provide personalized customer care. We will do this while adhering to the highest moral and ethical standards through our core values.

Core Values:

We will be true to our core values at all times. These values will provide the standards by which our company makes decisions. The adherence to these values will help support the mutual success of our employees, vendors and customers.

Great Communication


Team Work

Be Respectful


Positive Attitude

President:  Karen Stevens  kstevens@easylabeling.com
Vice President:  Jim Fox     jfox@easylabeling.com

Keeping Your Labels Clean

When you put in an order with us, you can be confident that we will deliver exactly what you want. Our commitment to producing quality labels has led us to install our very own Vision System in our rewind department. When this system finds any unacceptable product or defects in labels, it shuts down the rewinder and shows the operator exactly what is wrong with the label. This helps ensure a quality product is being shipped to our customers.

Keeping it Green

We work to preserve our environment by offering “green” labeling procedures. Our continued investment in digital press technology greatly reduces the amount of paper and film manufacturing waste, as we are able to run labels more efficiently and cost-effectively for our customers.

Health Analysis

We work hard to keep your labels clean of any type of pathogen for the Food and Beverage industry. We developed our Health Initiative Program that consists of doing quarterly swab sample tests throughout the facility looking for Listeria and Salmonella, along with any other pathogens as well.

Quality Steps

From the moment you place your order until the time your shipment rolls out of our factory—we undergo an extensive quality steps process to make sure you are getting exactly what you ordered.

Here are the steps that we take:

Operators review job ticket

Operators check to make sure customer specs are in the computer

Operators check to make sure the customer approved the image

Operators run down a sample to perform quality control checks

(print-to-print register, print-to-die register, print quality, color by matching PMS book or internal color standard, die strike, liner edge, and more)

Operators call over QC to double check the checks already performed by the operators

Rewinders pull up spec sheets on the computer, along with customer-approved image

Rewinders wind labels to customer spec

(checking rewind direction, core size, number of labels on a roll and printing out barcodes to seal the finished rolls)

Before going to shipping the labels are checked one last time

(rewind direction, core size, barcode labels on the finished rolls and part numbers are correct)

Once we have “checked” off our list, we send your order to you.

Guaranteed to Last

As you can see, we undergo an intensive quality check performance on your order before it is sent to you. But we extend that quality process even more with our QUV Accelerated Weathering Testing. The QUV tester is a laboratory simulation of the damaging forces of weather. For instance, rain and dew are simulated through a condensation system; fluorescent UV lamps simulate the damaging effects of the sunlight. In a few days or weeks, the QUV can produce damage that might occur over months or years of outdoor exposure including fading, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, gloss loss, strength loss and embrittlement.



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